• I live in in minecraft and in all minecraft rip-offs.
  • My occupation is exploding.
  • I am a creature with an explosive personality.

They call me Creeper. When I say "they," I am talking about this guy:


Anyway, here is my info:




*Video game conventions, mainly PAX

*Holding squats



*Bad grammar

*People who post hate comments instead of constructive criticism

*The guy in the picture above


*Troll pastas

*Jeff the killer

My favorite pastas:


*Squidward's Suicide

*Needs work

*The Legend of Ketta

*Sonic.exe (There, I said it.)

*Gateway to the Mind

*The Russian Sleep Experiment

My Stories:

*Columbine High School


*Fallout 3: The Man

*South Park: The Spanish Inquisition

*The Anger Spirit Ritual

*Soul Sand

*My Empty Mind

*The Black Flu Full length screenplay. This is by far my best pasta, as it got a 10 out of 10 from creepypasta consultant Sometrollishguy90.

Upcoming Stories

*Leader: Upcoming Graphic Novel Script about a man named Byron, monarch of the city called Green Farm, where his habit of being overprotective of his son, Greg, harms his people as he battles with a rival city, Midnight Light, in a wasteland created by the "Fog War."

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