aka Howard

  • I live in your closet
  • I was born on November 29
  • My occupation is living in your closet
  • I am a creepy storyteller



Hello, my username is CreepyStoryTeller and I am currently ranked Number 23 on this wiki. I joined in 2011, during the Wikias orange layout era. I was very inactive in the second and first half of 2012/2013, but baby, I’m back.

I am a guy from Bærum, Norway and I am fairly interested in literal arts, especially horror stories, which is excactly why I am an active user of this website.

I desired so badly to be an admin on this page so that I could contribute more to this amazing community, but I've been banned so much that I have completely given up on that dream.

My friends

This is where I would list my Pasta of the Month...


Well at least MrCreepyPasta himself (:O) made a video of my The Face in the Middle of the Dark pasta :D.      


There's headline here

because I suck

at formatting


My beautiful works of art. JK every pasta I make is horrible and you shouldn't read them 'cause they stink. Well you could read them if you want to, but I strongly encourage you not to, as they suck. LOL JK, MY PASTAS ARE THE BEST.

Gallery of Death, Doom and Other Things

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