• I live in Crashy's basement
  • My occupation is rustling jimmies
  • I am a stegosaurus



Some frens


Name - Joel

Age - 20

Location - England

Hobbies - Gaming, drums, guitar, piano.

Favourite Author - J.R.R. Tolkien, although Derek Landy is my literary inspiration. Official stalker of <insert name here>

Xbox Live - Valkyrie Angels

Skype - valkyrieangels

Steam - DJSkyfire


  • Eric Floc's Sad Men
  • This is the first chapter of a Sci-Fi story I am writing that is currenty in progress. It is not a Creepypasta.

Naughty Things

  • Overuse of exclamation marks i.e He was right behind me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • People who don't know the difference between an apostrophe and a speech mark.
  • Incorrect use of aposiopesis and/or ellipsis. You only need three periods, not four and a half thousand! i.e He was right behind me..............
  • Pastas that end with 'and you might be next.' Come on. Really. Tired cliché.
  • Unnecessary gore. Gore is fine. It's great. Just not when it is not needed.
  • Badly described gore. i.e he was cut open and blood was on the floor and blood was everywhere and there was blood on the walls and blood on the ceiling and organs were everywhere and organs were on the wall and organs were on the ceiling.
  • Overuse of the word 'suddenly'. i.e Suddenly, he was right behind me, and I suddenly turned around and he suddenly attacked me!

Interesting Things

Favourite Quotes

"Stifle thine self, pleb." - Cleric

"You've met with a terrible fate haven't black trousers." - The Dreamers (Now deleted)

"We are going to discuss a secret plan we can't reveal," Osama ominously whispered. - A Meeting with AL-Qaida

"Oh man," exclaimed Sally, one of the extras. "They're discussing a secret plan I can't reveal." - A Meeting with AL-Qaida

"HUEG VUNT" - Gramm

"fuq" - Crash

"If you want class you must have THE ASS" - Child of Mantra

"My favorite elderly homosexual!" - The Brexter in reference to George Takei

"I was phone myself. And then I was answer. Then I was surprise." Carc

"I am Wolfen, Kicker of Tits." - Wolfen

"So twisted, how did the things with your naked mom go?" - Reading

"Hows the furcking CRUMPETS" - Phoogz

My Delightful Slothquaintances

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