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"When she saw him, she screamed and ran..." - More Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark

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  • Missionaries - In 1988, President Reagan outlined in documents the official U.S. “Space Exploration Initiative,” which remain classified to this day. Within was such an event deemed too terrifying to disclose...
  • Zone - After a nationwide blackout in North Africa, the media and world economy is hurled into chaos. An international police action is declared involving NATO, the presence of UN peacekeepers and every major world power. It isn’t about what happens next, it’s all about what doesn’t happen next.
  • The Elderwood Cradle - Creswell, North Carolina – a quaint little town with nothing of interest, until people start disappearing and getting sick from the apples growing in the orchard on the county line…
  • Hideous - Ali’s college paranormal sciences professor is one strange guy – so strange, that he rented out an entire high-rise in the middle of Brooklyn, and keeps going on about “temponauts”.
  • Analog - Ed Green just met the girl of his dreams. Only problem is she's just not that into him... and this creepy website she wants him to join...
  • Solitary - Investigating the old long delayed echoes first heard by amateur radio operator Jørgen Hals in Oslo, Norway, in 1928, two young scientists journey to the old building and find themselves in for more than they bargained for.
  • Massive - Sometimes, the truth doesn't set you free, it just kills you...
  • The State - On a mission to the middle-east, veteran UN human rights officer Dennis Davis ingests a chemical substance that fundamentally alters his perception of reality itself... permanently.
  • Subterranea - Strange things happen in the abandoned factories of the Rust Belt, particularly in Jackson County – like the tunnels that were originally for transporting heavy equipment across the city to beat traffic – where two missing kids were last seen several weeks ago.
  • Bot - Chloe Morton has just bought her 2027-edition Bobby Bluebell AI home assistant. Everything seemed fine... until it and the rest of her AI appliances started to act a little... weird.
  • You Are Being Watched - WIP
  • How To Kill - He didn't know what he was getting himself into back then. Nobody did.
  • Zoomorphosis - Richard hates Mondays. He also hates alcohol, but he's going to need a lot of it for what is about to happen.
  • Mr. Hands - Love hurts.
  • Red Room - Her husband is gone, a series of envelopes keep ending up on her door, and a mysterious website he visited before he left may be the key to it all.
  • On - WIP
  • The Powers - WIP
  • Flatwoods - The Hammonds know that Flatwoods, West Virginia, is rumored to be home to a terrifying creature. But, in their pursuit of said monster, they may find that truth is far more unsettling than fiction.
  • Hazardous: Part I - WIP
  • Hazardous: Part II - WIP
  • Superpower - WIP
  • Totality - WIP
  • Laser-Tagged - Nobody knows how they got there, but Dale Rudy knows one thing for certain: there is no escape.
  • Occam's Razor - Two things are certain: the first is that there are certain people that were never meant to practice medicine. The second is that this man is one of them.
  • Firewall Oasis - Final Draft Imminent