aka Daly Skywalker

  • I live in Planet Mars
  • I am Male

This my user page. Im too lazy to edit this page to tell the community about myself!

Anyways, Im Daly, and I enjoy stuff like Star Wars and FNAF. While Im usually called Daly, I've also been called Kiddo, Dal, Dally, and Daly-Daly-Doo. I've probably been referred to as "asshole" or "idiot" at some point as well.

How the fuck did the The Rugrats Theory make it into Most Popular?

Update: Yay, now Normal Porn for Normal People is in that stupid pasta's place!

UPDAT: NoEnd House is in NPfNP's place now!

Yos: BEN Drowned has returned to it's rightful place.

My Favorite Creepypasta's

My Favorite Trollpasta's

Yazmine, aka Umbreon or Yazzo. I consider her my best friend and a great author.

Helpy, aka the one with the little legs.

Trica, aka the one who believes my John-Multiplies-When-He-Eats-Too-Much-Cake theory.

Jeff, aka owner of the Penguin Whale.

Fanatic, aka Justin or the best theorist ever.

TMTU, aka Too Many Taken Usernames.

Nam, aka backwards purple guy.

League, aka League Fighters.

Diz, aka Dizzledip or Baby Lefty.

Dynasti, aka Dynasti The Radicles Fangirl.

Ginger, aka the one that is in love with a robot in an SMG4 Roleplay.

Cheez, aka BigRedCheez.

Sinan, aka Sin-Faz Theories.

Lapis, aka LapisLazuliisthebest

King, aka King Of Fuffies. I shall abuse his fuffies >:)

Fusion, aka owner of the BTGAY Threads.

Term, aka the Terminator

Chill, aka Absolute Duck.

Yak, aka Yakorinio.

Pestilincecure, aka a nice fellow I met on Cryptid Wiki.

Yan, aka Yan Dere Yan

Star Mario, aka Baby Bonnie

Nightmarrionette, aka Nightmarrionne with an ette at the end.


King of tim tams2, aka DA KING OF DA TIM TAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

BDK, aka Enddayss

Star, aka Ben or the one that hates Froodboo and the Penguin Whale.

Krazy, aka an awesome creepypasta writer!

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