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  • I live in England
  • My occupation is I don't know what to say here. On the one hand the truth seems too forward or vying for attention and the alternatives I've considered with make me sound like I'm just trying to be clever.
  • I am a Monozygotic, Extra-Dimensional Pulchritudinous, Fluid-Xenosexual Tripedal Original Soundtrack, With Primarily Male Androgynistic Biodegradability. Wbu??

I'm a person with a lot of time to read creepy stories on the internet, play MMO's and be an absolutely massive huge.

I find existentially inclined things to be the most important and by extention the most terrifying.

I may at some point submit a Pasta of my own, but for now I'm just a critic.

I'm an absolute savage when it comes to rating things and nothing I say is intended to hurt feelings or suggest someone is incapable of being the most magnificent person I'll ever meet or experience. If you ascend beyond our realm and completely outdo me, you will have still at one time taken an uncomfortable trip to the toilet before you attained your superior state.

Know that for all my harshness, I have at some time experienced an equally harsh trip to the toilet myself.

Despite Creepypasta seeming to lack quality control in terms of writing and consistency, it does not appear to lack quality in terms of imagination and people trying. That's something I appreciate, and even if I rate your pasta utter horse shit it doesn't mean I don't think you could turn around, go again and slam the literature equivalent of a laxative in my face at any moment.

What I'm saying is I don't rip into people to feel superior, I rip into them because I'm optemistic that they can handle serious criticism and are fully capable of coming back and shutting me down - And I want that. I like being surprised and enlightened.

If you disagree with me about something you're entirely welcome to talk to me about it, unlike the content of some of my comments I am not made of pure vitriol and I don't consider myself superior to you or better educated in the endeavour to write creepy stuff on the internet.

If I do submit a creepypasta that makes it onto the site sometime I would hope that it is met with the same ruthless scrutiny in return as I will no doubt post from time to time.

I hold myself to all the expectations I express and that in itself is an arguably terrifying thing to live with.

I often /10 things with a non-numeric value/10.

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