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Welcome to my user page. I probably should say a little something about me, but I'm pretty plain. Here you can do absolutely anything you want, except the things I don't want you to do. If you want to see a desperate in action, hit my talk page.

"Ice-cream is a feeling."

Quotes from my lovely (and unwilling) wiki friends about me


"No homo"

"You sound just like my grandma"

"strange man"

"vampiric asshole"

"filthy liar"(untrue in that context)

"young whippersnapper"(true in every context)

"special bastards"


"third fastest man alive"

"I knew you were going to read it so I included 'erotic trigger phrases'"

"Big Black Dix"

"ya weirdo"

"your creeper ways"

"descendants of Vlad"

"I will burn the place down, you will do unholy things to the corpses and I will watch you for my own pleasure."

"Das war ein befehl!!1!1!11!1"

"I penetrate you with anally my crooked genitalia so deep our penises will collide"(DO NOT ASK)

"Que grosero este chinguin!"

"you're dead to me"

"anything you do that kind of stuff to has to fall into one of two categories: a dead body, or some sort of animal."

"That scream was actually my orgasm. So joke's on you."

"That was a bull's prostate. You've done so much beastiality that it was hard for you to tell the difference."

"Let's not rule anything out as far as Diex is concerned, though."

"Please don't do to me the things you did to that sea bottom."

"You're the boss"'

"My scary dark humour story: Diex's dick."

"Dix is a narcissexual"

"But Dix handles his "little" problem pretty well."

"And I'll finish mine, if only for you, Dix."

"With you? Any time."

"Dix's Dirty Dick Secrets, I'll take it."

"I'm gonna roast your Dik(x) so hard"

"I'm gonna fuck you up harder than JtK stories fucked up my braincells"

"Chuck Norris your ass" (note: the guy in the last six quotes totally wants to fuck my ass)

"No more talk of porn."

"Diex sounds like my grandfather every time I tell him that Jews cannot be legally gassed anymore."

"I think I will just take this chance to write a dick-joke-at-the-expense-of-Dix story. I only ask that Dix rates it in how many inches long his penis is."

"you never regret anything."

"You sound just like my parents" (why does everyone compare me to their relatives?)

"you'll get the dildo of damnation when you pry it from my cold, dead, gaping ass."

"Not everyone's dick is as demented as yours, Diex; although I would argue they all should be"

"That is purely satanic. When I had dyxlexia I sacrificed infants to Santa, but your witchcraft is at another level"

"I actually noticed the poop halfway through rereading the story, but left it in since I knew you would get a kick out of it."

"certain people like Delexisis or whatever his name his" (not even close to a friend, but still my favourite)

"because I'm a girl and Delexisis is a man" (^as you guessed, same person)

"I'd say you're the mold on a peice of bread that is this wiki"

"ya Romanian bastardus"

"Your existence is NSFW."

My favorite pages (in no particular order)

My Stories

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