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The name's Doctor Thomas Bleed, PHD. Legally I'm not allowed to call myself a doctor anymore. Most folks in real life know me by my real name, Anderson Steele. I like serial killers, body horror, cryptids, slashers, Lovecraftian entities, and the terrible and maddening realization that our existence is but a minor spec in an endless, hideous and uncaring universe populated by creatures so far beyond us we can't imagine them well enough to fear them. I also like ice cream and bad television.

About Me

Anderson "Doctor Bleed" Steele is a self-published author from Akron, Ohio. His first work, "Doctor Bleed's Misery Pit" a compilation of ten of his original works, is available through Lulu Press on Amazon and Lulu's own site. Steele has been writing for over a decade, and has loved to tell stories since he was a child. He writes primarily horror and crime fiction, though he's experimented with science fiction and satirical writings. The majority of his works can be found on the Creepypasta Wiki.

Steele is currently offering his services for writing commissions. His current rates are $20 per 2000 words. These rates are highly susceptible to change, and availability of commission slots will vary on Steele's current workload. Commissions have no set date for how long they will take to complete, but clients will be allowed to preview the contents and monitor updates as they happen in real-time.

For commissions, questions or other inquiries, you can email Steele at or DM "DoctorBleed" on Tumblr or Fandom.

My Stories

The stories I've written and want to showcase. I've written plenty more, but I've specifically decided to only post horror stories on this profile, in keeping with the theme of the site.

Original Works

Stories not based on any pre-existing work or media. Everything made entirely by my own two hands!

  • Night of the Shadow Man - A man who's struggled with anxiety and insomnia all of his life tries to cope with extremely vivid hallucinations and nightmares.
  • That Awful Dripping Sound - An agoraphobic shut-in is being driven slowly insane by the sound of his leaking roof and the deteriorating condition of his condemned apartment.
  • Jacko The Very, Very Bad Clown - A demented children's fable about a bad clown named Jacko, who just wants to make children laugh. Nominated for Creepypasta of the Month, October 2015!
  • She Had to Be Perfect - What would you do for your dream woman? He did the unthinkable.
  • I See Shadow People - A spiritual successor to Night of the Shadow Man.
  • It Opened - An account of the final days of an ancient city.
  • Bug Bites - A man has a bizarre medical problem, but doesn't seem to grasp the seriousness of it.
  • Mother's Lunches - Growing up is hard. Especially when your dad won't let your mother out of the attic.
  • The Wandering Stranger - A man ruminates on his miserable situation.
  • Cold Storage - Ever get stuck somewhere in the middle of winter?
  • The Elysium Project - Imagine a world without suffering or hardship. Is it selfish to want that?
  • The Rat King - Hunting night with friends isn't always fun.
  • Tower of Souls - A bad dream takes a man to a very disturbing place.
  • Pht'thya'l'y, Siren Priestess of Dagon. - Something of a sequel to HP Lovecraft's "The Shadow Over Innsmouth." Find out what happened to the Deep Ones after the raid on Innsmouth.
  • Head Games - A scientist working for a clandestine government agency oversees an experiment that could change the future of telepathic powers.
  • Finger-Lickin' Good - Feeling hungry? Not as hungry as this fry-cook.
  • Murder, Live! - In a derelict warehouse left abandoned for ages, a sadistic game is about to be played, broadcasted live to an audience of thousands under the cover of darkness. Before the night is over, blood will spill.

Fan Works

Rewrites or unofficial sequels to existing stories, or stories based on pre-existing media, or even just stories that recount true events.

  • Milla's Children - An examination of a hidden secret in the Double Fine video game Psychonauts. Both existing and scrapped content.
  • Poor, Poor Nora - A story I wrote a long, long time ago based on a dream I had when I was a teenager. Essentially it's just angsty fan fiction of a children's cartoon, but there's something about this I still really like. I really like the concept.
  • Jeff the Killer: One By One - My retelling of Jeff the Killer for the contest they had back in October of 2015. This is a new interpretation of the character where Jeff is still a child but the bullies are all in their late teens.
  • Sonic.exe (2016 Rewrite) - In the spirit of my JtK rewrite, I wrote a satirical remake of Sonic.exe where people use actual logic. It's very short.

External Links

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