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Hello! My name is Doom Vroom, but you may call me Vroom or Vroom Vroom. Feel free to leave me messages on my talk page. P.S. The awesome Doom Vroom word art was made by RuckusQuantum :D

My Creepypasta

If you see the following stories credited to anyone other than Doom Vroom or Vroom Vroom, then they are stolen.

Tornado Tango (A man faces a dire situation and is trapped in his basement due to a tornado)

The Nature of Dreams (Dreams aren't what you might think)

The Intrusion (Thieving isn't all it is cracked up to be)

Boulder City Prison (Prisons are scary, especially when things go wrong)

Closet Monster (That which isn't expected can exist and that's why it's called the unexpected)

The Hissing (Some deals are too good to be true)

Familiarity (Knowing and thinking that you know someone are two different things)

Gumjaw (It hangs around Interstate 8)

War-Torn *Contest Entry* (A recounting of Vietnam)

Internal Matters (Some places are best left untraveled)

The Endeavor *Nominated for Pasta of the Month and took 4th place in a contest* (Challenges can involve fighting for your life)

The Cropping of Life (That which is unaccounted for can exist)

Foryeti Me Not (Life is found where it is least expected... or wanted)

Became *Contest Entry* (A bullet to the brain or to the heart?)

Crossing the Line (What lurks over the line?)

Corruption of Youth (Children are the future)

Fungus Among Us (The greatest decomposer)

Of Aliens and Pricks (NSFW; Collaboration with Tio; Human hands explore the forbidden)

Think Happy Thoughts (Thoughts are often impulsive)

My Mistake (Many things can be a prison)

Occupied Chimney *Contest Entry* (What's in the chimney?)

A Mile in His Shoes (It's in the sole)

That Moon of Mine *Nominated for Pasta of the Month and a Contest Entry* (A less civilized age)

Gumjaw: In the Pale Moonlight (Sequel to Gumjaw. Beast and Man are sometimes the same)

Gumjaw: Luna Sea (Third entry in the Gumjaw series. Secrets lie hidden in the Luna Sea)

Gumjaw: Sundered Moon (Final entry in the Gumjaw series. Split in two)

What Humanity Reaped *WIP* (Sequel to The Cropping of Life) Old concept here:

My Troll Pasta

Jeff Teh Tiller: (Guard your gardens, hide your soil, Jeff is here to toil)

User Based Joke Pasta

Who was Car?:

The Triple Scorre Threat (sequel to Who was Car?):

YouTube Narrations

I've been blessed with a few of my pasta being narrated on YouTube by some really lovely people. If you enjoyed the readings as I did, then you should check out their YouTube channels and leave them words of support and/or subscribe to their channel(s). I'd also like to give thanks to User:Shadowswimmer77 for inspiring the layout for this section of my User Page.

The Intrusion

read by Abysmii

read by SunsetBard/TheNat

Boulder City Prison

read by Abysmii

The Hissing

read by darkness24

The Nature of Dreams

read by Paradox Noctis

read by SarcasticWriter -(Soundcloud)

Tornado Tango

read by Creeparoni (16:20)

read by DaveTheUseless

read by Isaac Moring

read by PyroPikmin500

read by AnotherCreepyReader

Closet Monster

Pt 1 read by Dark tails doll

Pt 2 read by Dark tails doll

Occupied Chimney

read by Midnight Siren

read by Spooky Boo (27:30)

read by NaturesTemper

The Cropping of Life

read by Dee Dust

read by Lighthouse Horror

read by NaturesTemper

Corruption of Youth

read by AnotherCreepyReader

Crossing the Line

read by Duchess Dark


read by NaturesTemper

read by SpookyStories4U


Pt 1 read by Duchess Dark

Pt 2 read by Duchess Dark

Pt 3 read by Duchess Dark

Pt 4 read by Duchess Dark

The Endeavor

read by SunsetBard/TheNat

read by Lady Mcreepsta

read by Creeparoni

Fungus Among Us

read by Duchess Dark

Foryeti Me Not

read by Duchess Dark

read by NaturesTemper


organized by Duchess Dark, read by Duchess Dark, Selestial Norre, Swamp Dweller, and Michael 49

read by NaturesTemper


read by Duchess Dark

read by Seabass

My Mistake

read by Duchess Dark

read by Spirit Voices

Internal Matters

read by Duchess Dark

Think Happy Thoughts

Pt 1 read by Duchess Dark

Pt 2 read by Duchess Dark

Pt 3 read by Duchess Dark

A Mile in His Shoes

read by Creeparoni

read by Kyoki

That Moon of Mine

read by NaturesTemper

Gumjaw In the Pale Moonlight

read by NaturesTemper

Jeff teh Tiller

read by NewbornKilik

The Pit of the Lost

Sometimes I start writing stories and then dump them because they don't work out for whatever reason. I'm going to detail my cancelled Creepypastas here.

The Cellmate, this pasta was about a prisoner who ends up with a cellmate that everyone else avoids. No one, not even the guards, can remember or find record of when he arrived at the prison. It turns out that the cellmate has psychic powers that allow him to erase memories and absorb people's consciousness. He'd been killing everyone that he ever shared a cell with and planned to do the same to the main character. What's done can be read here:

Sentenced, started off as a part of the above pasta, but ended up being split into its own story as I felt like too many mystical things would be crowding the story. I can't even remember how both elements would have worked together, honestly. This was about prisoners who would vote each other out of prison. The most voted prisoner would be sent to work in what was ominously known to the prisoners as The Mines. The protagonist had managed to stay in the prison the longest by making himself useful to the other prisoners, but as fate would have it, he gets voted away toward the start of the story and sent away. He soon learns that The Mines contains a monster which he is meant to be fed to (each time the monster is fed it "drops" (look up poop) crystals with fantastic properties. What's done can be read here:

Trigger, two policemen corner a serial killer. The murder is seemingly killed at the cost of one of the policeman's psyche and he is sent to therapy. The killings eventually continue and the policeman who didn't go to therapy or have a mental breakdown (the protagonist) reluctantly goes back to work with his partner who is called back to duty. It is discovered that the officer who had a mental breakdown was coping by continuing the killings. What's done can be read here:

Evolution, I didn't have much for this idea. I tried writing a story for this and even a poem, but both felt so terrible to me that I scrapped them. I wanted to make a story about how humans kept swapping out their parts for cybernetics, eventually becoming fully machine and uploading their consciousness to cyberspace. Meanwhile, computers/AIs were constantly upgraded with organic components. Each "species" would think they were more evolved than each other, only for the now organic computers/AI to prove at the end that they were indeed superior and that humanity was foolish to ultimately cast away their bodies.

Rent to Own, This was a simplistic story about a couple moving into a house under a Rent to Own agreement (rent the house until a certain amount of payment has been paid in rent and then they own it). Things go missing soon after they move in and they end up getting picked off. The ending would reveal that the previous tenant was under the same agreement, but had the house pulled out from under his feet. Despite this, he stayed in a room which he had hid behind a cabinet. What's done can be read here (not worth it in my opinion):

Vroom's Inspirations


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Favorite Creepypasta

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Aesthetically Pleasing by User:GreyOwl

How Does It End? by User:EmpyrealInvective

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