First and foremost, thanks to Empyre for letting me use the same format that he had on his Inspirations and Credits page, which can be found here: EmpyrealInvective's Inspirations and Credits Page

Stand-alone Stories

  • Tornado Tango The threat of tornadoes have been a large part of my life. One day I was staring at my tornado shelter and thought to myself "what could make dealing with a tornado worse" and thus the story came to be.
  • The Nature of Dreams After a couple bouts of Sleep paralysis, I sat down and penned this. I tried to describe how I felt while suffering and turn it into a bit of a story at the same time.
  • The Intrusion I don't remember much about this as I took a year break between starting and finishing it. However, I always had the idea of writing the story on a yellow scrap of paper and maybe even tossing it into the street (littering, but creative littering?) because of how it fit with the theme of the story. I do remember one thing that I borrowed from; the Discovery Channel used to have a show called 'It Takes a Thief' and on that show a Thief entered the home by pushing a trash can under a second story window and entered through that unlocked window.
  • Boulder City Prison I had read Prisoner 959 and realized that was the only prison pasta I had read and came to the conclusion that there wasn't a lot, so I resolved myself to writing one. I set about trying to make a story that was open to interpretation and could potentially mess with the reader's mind.
  • Closet Monster During one unremarkable day of my first semester of college, I was thinking about how cheesy and crappy a lot of the older monster movies were and came to the conclusion that I could do better if I were to ever make a monster movie. I kept the basic outline of the story in my head for a few years and decided to post it here as a creepypasta because I'd likely never make a movie and I wanted to share it. The Xenomorph and its ability to use acid in Alien was an influence. I reversed the effect of the Xenomorph's acid and made it to where it would allow stuff to stick together, basically an adhesive.
  • Familiarity Life was my inspiration here, specifically that people aren't necessarily who you think they are.
  • War-Torn This was an entry in Koromo and Empy's Song Competition and was inspired by the subject matter I was given to work with; the Redgum song "I was Only 19". A particular gruesome scene, the stillbirth, came to me when I was researching Agent Orange on Wikipedia. Agent Orange's article had mentioned how it could cause stillbirths and contained pictures that illustrated the effects of Agent Orange on the skin, after seeing that I felt that I couldn't not include it in the story and it had begun to write itself. The war in Iraq also served as an inspiration for the ending, "That incident with Agent Orange was forty five years ago and that just got me thinking about what sort of weapons must exist now." Furthermore, the name Fynn Lucas was a reference to the character Finn in the then upcoming Star Wars 7 film and Star Wars creator George Lucas.
  • The Endeavor Banning's Demon/Devil Contest itself was the inspiration point for the story. The Joker from Batman also served as a major influence for Abaddon (the Devil). I tried to make the character act how I envisioned the Joker might, thus his sense of humor and constant change of dress to reflect the situation. On another note: The name Abaddon was borrowed from the video game 'Darksiders', a devil-esque boss which was named Abaddon the Destroyer and who resided in hell.
  • Became The film 'Regarding Henry' was the jumping off point for this story. In the film a lawyer, Henry, gets shot while buying a pack of cigarettes from the gas station and ends up in the ICU and unable to speak. Furthermore, the lyrics from 'The Becoming' by Nine Inch Nails mentioned a character who had become emotionless. When I combined those two influences together, I had a cause and effect, plus a story. I was reading the emotional masterpiece and visual novel 'CLANNAD' at the time, so I resolved myself to make a sad story in the same vein as that.
  • Crossing the Line There were a couple of Sherlock Holmes references and a fair amount of symbolism laced throughout this story. Starting with the main character's name you have a reference to Sherlock Holmes author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and later on in the story the line "Entertainment, my dear and foolish Doyle..." was spoken as a poke at "Elementary, my dear Watson." In terms of the symbolism: the small beam of light shining down on Luthor and then closing up was symbolic of Heaven being closed to him. Furthermore, the Devil saying "I too fell" was a reference to him having fell from Heaven. There wasn't really anything in the way of inspiration here other than the Joker serving as inspiration for Abaddon's personality again.
  • Corruption of Youth The Sith from Star Wars, specifically Palpatine's corruption of Anakin, was the only influence here (hence the story being saved as 'Apprentice' in Open Office). I just wrote with the theme of corruption and the moral 'that just because someone says something is over doesn't make it so' in mind. The pasta is meant to serve as a cautionary tale about how one should keep an eye on their children and who they hang out with.
  • Fungus Among Us Foot fungus AKA Athlete's Foot (ew) served as my inspiration for this short story. Thinking about something that's already so gross spreading throughout a body was practically enough to supply me with a story. When I was writing, the Saw films kept popping up in my mind and I ended up deciding that I wanted some self-mutilation in the story, so that was a bit of an influence as well.
  • Of Aliens and Pricks The mastermind of this pasta was User:Tiololo RIP. Although I may be missing some inspirations, I will say that this pasta was born out of Tio's desire to do a dissection scene and a collaboration, bless him :') So, one such reference that exists (and pointed out) is the repeating of a line from the novelization Oliver Twist, 'Please, sir, I want some more.' The company Vasaic is actually a nod to the drug Provasic from the 1993 film, The Fugitive. Lastly, I included a reference to the film Alien, because when you have aliens bursting out of someone it has to be acknowledged.
  • Think Happy Thoughts I had a nightmare and I thought that it would make a good story, so I wrote it down. I did wake up before it finished, therefore I had to take some creative liberties and fill in some blanks. I named the characters after ones from the Legend of King Arthur since I am a massive fan. I also gave tongue-in-cheek references to Friday the 13th, Pokémon Go, and the hit cartoon, Animaniacs (which, ironically, was done in by the aforementioned series, Pokémon).
  • My Mistake I thought back to an earlier work of mine, The Intrusion, and wondered what might be a more horrible/equally worse fate for a thief to end up in. I decided to have the Intruder accidentally kill the home owner, but have the home owner get revenge from beyond the grave (by swapping out a federal prison for house arrest with a potentially expedited death penalty).
  • Occupied Chimney I signed up for ChristianWallis and JohnathanNash's Christmas Jollytime Murderfest Competition! and was given the prompt 'someone's in the chimney'. Before I began writing, I noted another of the prompts which was handed out to another contender, 'hoof-prints on the roof'. The mixing of both prompts in my head immediately conjured an image of the Jersey Devil and thus 'Occupied Chimney' was conceived!
  • A Mile in His Shoes The Twilight Zone episode Dead Man's Shoes inspired me to write this. I liked the idea of a person coming back from the dead via an article of clothing and trying to get revenge for being murdered. I decided that it'd be interesting to have a situation to where a possessed person was still theirself for a while, but was perceived as being the person who was possessing them by others. I also really liked the idea of having a story set during 'The Great Depression' which I thought provided a very good explanation as to why the protagonist was poor. Hopefully my inspired story is a worthy tribute!
  • Most Precious Treasure The title indicates how the protagonist finds something far more dear to him than anticipated, while also serving as a reference to the Angel Beats!' song 'My Most Precious Treasure'.

Patrick Stockman Saga

  • The Hissing I had read an internet article about technological nightmares and one of the said nightmares was about a guy who was working on his friend's computer tower; only to find a snake-skin when he opened it. I couldn't help, but stare at the openings on the side of my laptop for a while after that, heh.
  • Internal Matters There was no particular inspiration here. I guess any film or story where a whole town/village is crazy would be applicable here. I saw this story as an opportunity to expand on events from The Hissing and the Kreflim (stay tuned) which were mentioned in Gumjaw, so I guess it was sort of inspired by two of my own works? Oh, the part where it was revealed that the whole town was replacing their body parts with that of the dead was inspired by Frankenstein.

Tubber Family Saga

  • Gumjaw The traditional Werewolf was something I borrowed out of need for a monster to terrorize the protagonist and the thought that I could have a lot of fun with it. Oddly enough, I had the most fun writing this story out of all the stories I have ever written as of 2/9/16. Van Helsing was also an inspiration in terms of me coming up with the idea of a monster hunter-type character. Furthermore, the name Frank Gibber was a reference to my character on Grand Theft Auto V: Online.
  • Foryeti Me Not The Dyatlov Pass Incident and Mount Everest being so deadly were what got the ball rolling here. If you aren't familiar with the Dyatlov Pass Incident, I recommend checking it out. It's a pretty freaky real life event!

Alien Harvester Series

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