Abel Garcia - The Dream Hacker
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The lucid dreamer
Age: 18
Last Words: "Only now, your dreams will be mine..."
Cause of distress: Has fallen into a coma that eventually lead to death in sleep
Goal: Finding the perfect mind in which he could inhabit
Dislikes: Fighting, Bullying, Ignorant People
Likes: Creativity, Imagination, and his only human love
Dangers: May cause a victim Sleep Paralysis/ Interfere with a "Falling Dream"
Stories Written Tastes Like Pure Innocence
The Meaning of Meaning Itself
Pokemon - An Adventurer's Dream

Sometimes you just feel, everything and nothing all at once. Sometimes you find yourself smiling, while missing someone at the same time. As times you can absolutely love a person, all the while wanting to hate them. Life comes without promises. Except that smiling will brighten your face, Laughing will enhance your eyes and Love will change your life.

About Abel

Hello <insert name here>,

I would like to tell you about myself.

I am 18 and still young. Ever since I was a child, my interest has always been to create. I have drawn time and time again. When I was growing up, English was never the subject for me at school; I didn't understand what it meant to appreciate literature. I tend to ponder the world as most do. I've began to write my thoughts down. Whatever I have seen in the world: Actions, art, poetry, my understanding. I have written. As I grew older, my desire to create something nonexistent grew. Thus, I began to animate. I started with stick figures. My first animation I published was about a TV show named "Pokémon". It got over 10,000 views on YouTube; I was so proud of my achievement. The video is seen below.

My views towards life have changed over the years. English has become my best subject. I'm not perfect though. I remember entering high school English 1 in 8th grade. I still have a current project I will post up somewhere else; I will post them here if they are this sort of material.

I daydream constantly, which causes new ideas to form. I love poetry about sadness, woefulness, and dread. I have rancid thoughts at times. My favorite type of writing is in the topic of absurdity; they bring very odd point of views. You may call me a sad person by that, but I assure you I'm not. :) I just express myself in a way that is different. Poetry seems to capture and portray the meaning as I want it to be portrayed. Dreaming is another topic that I find intriguing. The obscurity makes me want to write it down. Sometimes at night, I wake up because of a horrible dream, and I pull out my laptop and I go off writing.

Outside of writing

Still I remain someone who is outgoing in the day and at night I seem to change. This is the time that all of my ideas come to me. I am a musician. My main instruments are the Guitar and the Piano. I've written only 2 songs, but they seem to go on forever with the tunes added on into my head. Along with them, I play the Tuba and Euphonium. Please, don't make any stereotypical remarks; I am far from the complexity of a stereotypical Tuba player. I enjoy symphonic music and playing it. I've competed in solo competitions as well as competitions with the band. Behind closed doors I am quiet; there is no one to judge me. I can speak freely in the voice of the celestial piano in the background.

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My Poetry/Story "Pastas"


  • A Faceless Girl
  • A Lively Trap
  • Forgive You?
  • Glimpse of Hope
  • Like a Broken Revolution
  • Mindless
  • My Birth/Your Downfall
  • The Anatomy of a Sorrowed Mind
  • The Distant Shadows.


Listen to the YouTube'd pasta!

Other Pastas (Credits will be noted, or obvious.)

  • Behind The Closed Doors
  • False reality - Dream of Paranoia
  • Shadow Temple
  • Too Good to be True

My Favorite Stories

Creepypasta Wiki Friends

I've decided to add this because I've seen a lot of pages have this as well. It feels nessesary. These are the ones who are friends, not acquaintances. I've talked to them and partially know who I am and how I act. I will speak openly to them. I hope to make more friends. ^_^

Friends I talk to personally to share what I think:

People, who I have come to notice, and notice me .

If I had forgotten someone and I have a good/ decent relationship with you, feel free to add yourself.

Contact Info

If you wish to chat on skype or e-mail me, my contact information will be listed in the bottom. I don't do much calling on skype, but if it's important enough to me, then I will answer.


  • Search: "nameless-hyride" Username: "Silent Dream" - For immediate attention

E-mail information:

  • Pivot_hack@yahoo.com
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