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CHPW disscussion

10:46 Defrether K

10:56 GraydonL 6 supports and 5 opposes. it is going to be close. although, I think I can sway some of the nuetrals and opposes.

10:58 Defrether Ah For what?

10:58 GraydonL The Chaospasta propostion. 10:58 Defrether Ah.

10:59 GraydonL Ya know, to make this a buffer site for lower quality stories I couldnt help but notice you had diffrent ideas and misunderstood me. If you do not want to change the purpose of your wikia, that is obvioiusly fine. I don't want to take over or anything

11:04 Defrether True

11:04 GraydonL So, what exactly did you have in mind? I am sure we can comprimize.

~Welcome to Chaos Pasta Wiki Chat~

~Please take a seat, and make sure to read our Chat Rules, ignorance is no excuse.~

11:17 Defrether Sorr Sorry* It's a just a review wikia making sure that everyone has a pasta that meets quality standards on other wikis

11:19 GraydonL Yeah okay. My plan was to make it official, though. where it acts as a buffer for quality and bad stories. IE a filter, bad stories are rocks, good ones are sand. the sand falls through and is seperated, while the rocks stay and are broken down untill they are also sand and can fit

11:20 Defrether Ye Wait XD Ye That works out nicely, actually

11:21 GraydonL Hey, it is a gud metaphor CHPW is the filter, and the users are the grinders CP is the sand My intention is not to remove OC, but to filter it saving the admins time and energy

11:23 Defrether OC is still OC on the same Wiki it was created.

11:23 GraydonL Yeah, it gets copied. CHPW is for everything Troll is for troll Spin is for spin And CP is for CP

11:24 Defrether Ye Tags for where they should go

11:24 GraydonL Mhhm

11:24 Defrether Welp My lungs hurt so I gotta go lie down

11:25 GraydonL Also, I don't mean to remove OC from CP, just make it so it has to be nominated, and then read by a "Nom reviewer" And if it meets CP standerds It gets uploaded That sucks, btw Hehe, "Noms" read the "Pastas" Defrether has left the chat.

11:26 GraydonL unitentional pun FTW

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