• I live in A place with wi-fi.
  • I was born on January 27
  • My occupation is Chilling
  • I am A dude. Dude.

Hi there, anonymous reader and/or stalker! Anyways, you probably want to know about me.

I like good music, mostly rock and techno.

  • As far as rock goes, I like everything from the 60s until now. Black Veil Brides or the Rolling Stones? Hard decision. My favorite genres are grunge and metal. I especially love anything that has heavy bass or a groove to it.
  • I like techno because it's so high energy. Puts you in a fast, happy euphoria. My favorites are Basshunter and Nightcore.
  • I also like Eminem. Not big on rap, but he's serious with his music and his songs have meaning. I'd much rather listen to him talk about how his whore wife never wanted to have his daughter than one of those stupid songs where they're all like "I'm so gangster, that I'm a gangster... AND I GET PUSSY". No. That shit sucks. Eminem's the only good rapper.

I love gaming, especially Final Fantasy, any zombie games, Minecraft, and others. I have over 700 games, including all my console titles and everything on my emulators. Not gonna list them all because that would take forever.

I like anime and manga. It's much better than the TV we have in America. It's all good, from the randomness of Lucky Star to the depressing seriousness of Death Note.

Not sure if there's anything else I really need to say. I'm a gamer with a great taste in music who watches anime and reads manga. Oh, I was also born in the 90s. Because that's semi-important to understanding me and junk. Oh, and most people call me a brony. So... yeah.

Watch Out For Eculeus

Ohai! Wanna play?

My favorite pastas
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