aka Eve Feist

  • I live in Cincinnati
  • I was born on February 7
  • I am Female

Gonna be an amateur and not original, but I'll be reviewing my own creepypastas and scary stories; note that I'm not like any normal enthusiast and I am picky with what I like, but I hope you can take these with a pinch of salt and share how much you like/hate these stories

Here's how I'll review the stories-






Once doing the review, I'll give my score-

10: Absolute Perfection

9: Amazing

8: Great

7: Pretty Good

6: Good

5: Not Bad

4: Boring

3: Bad

2: Awful

1: Unreadable/Unbearable

I'll also add links to where I read these stories as well as the wikis if I can find them. I hope you enjoy them and stay scary loves

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