aka A really cute Mr. Hands

  • I live in side the Matrix
  • I was born on May 21
  • My occupation is Being hated
  • I am sad
Erecting a Killer

Hello darkness, my old friend...

I've cum to the sight of you again...

Also I CAN"T BELIEVE I WAS SUCH TRASH BACK SO MANY YEARS AGO. Old me was such a shitfaced cuck-nugget, he deserves to get his face bashed in. Anyways, hello, after a several year hiatus, I am back to disappoint my droves of adversaries by being a shitfaced ugly child again, I also still love Drippy<SquirtSloppy>, Plank, that one chick who was a complete asshole, that really nice guy who was like Drippy but not a raging homosexual, and all the other cuties in chat who hated me for being literally mentally as developed as a baby carrot. I missed you all. :))

IMPORTANT EDIT: I can't even remember what the heck I used to post seriously and what was a joke so don't actually take everything I've ever said or done as my true beliefs/attempt/whatever word should fit in this situation. Granted, it probably was, but yeah.

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