aka Itami

  • I live in The Dark Realm
  • I was born on March 16
  • My occupation is Dark Princess
  • I am Female!

Ciao Meow Everynya~!♥ My Name is Fang Urahara! Princess of Darkness other call me. I'm 15 in the 10th grade and im kinda an airhead and can be pretty immature hehe...Not a lot of people like me because i'm weird and random..well its okie at least im not a boring stick in the mud hm! Well I've been reading creepypasta for a loooooooong time But I just decided to join! So I'm kinda new here and i just kinda need help to understand how this works and yea..Well I love love love anything  creepy...and nekos o////o nyaha i also love the darkness..but most of alll


uhhm i role play fight nyaha and i have a character ^-^. Uhhhmm I like listening to Vocaloid, Asking Alexandria, Stone sour, slipknot, Disturbed, Five finger death punch, evanescence, Avenged Sevenfold, Kill switch engage, nightcore, Rhapsody, Paramore...pretty much Heavy/death metal and other stuff nyaha....Honestly I love everyone, call me what you want, hate me as you wish, but always know I love mew!♥ unless you're just a weird pervert...-.- Some things mew should know about me: I am, like I said, very immature at times. I also have manic depression. Meaning I experience periods of Deep depression and periods of pure mania, also known as madness. This has been marked as a mental illness, although I'm not sure why, but this is also known as something called bipolar disorder. My psychologist suggested I get comfortable speaking about this to help overcome it. It's true sometimes it is hard to tell if something is reality or just made up in my mind. But I'm slowly recovering from this, and I know one day I'll be like the rest of you ^-^♥

Well that's it for now..uhm well bai everynya!♥♥

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