aka Pantasy

  • I live in America (as far as you know)
  • I was born on April 26
  • My occupation is Writer, editor, reader, music artist
  • I am 2.5 meters away from giving a fuck

Ellur <insert name here>. While you're here, you should piss around and waste time. If you're bored, read the info below to get to know me. FantasyPhantom40px-HO_CurioS_Top_Hat-icon.png 21:59, May 27, 2014 (UTC)


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About Me
Likes: Reading, writing, music, games, ect. (everything mainstream and socially acceptable omit a few things >.>)
Dislikes: Everything mainstream and socially acceptable, crappypastas, various levels of haters and spammers
Hobbies: Writing, making videos, music making, watching the teletubes
Future Career Aspirations: Working in the movie industry (producer/editor)
Shows I tend to watch: Family Guy, Bleach, Death Note, Silent Library, Adventure Time, Soul Eater, Comedy Central (in general), just to name a few
Music that appeases my cerebral cortex: System of a Down, Voltaire, Disturbed, Korn, Godsmack, ICP, Eminem, Jamie Foxx, Dubstep, Decapitated, Avenged Seven Fold (basicly that and every other genre)

My Upcoming Projects

Stories to be Written:

Project Xavier

The Seven Deadly Songs: Part 2

Those Who Don't Learn From the Past

The Girl in the thousand Mile Car

Don't Look Up


Note that all of the above are all ideas at the moment and could change. These are things I'd like to do but as we all know, time is a major factor. I'm looking into some help for a few of these projects but if you think you could contribute, shoot me an email or leave a message on my talk page. These lists are mostly for me but they could count as spoilers for you. I'm looking forward to these projects and I can't wait to get started on them. Peace.


Mah Friends

My Stories

These Are Mah Favorites

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