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  • I live in Constant Fear of Sarah
  • I was born on May 27
  • My occupation is Rollin' Around at the Speed of Sound
  • I am Not Obliged to Answer That
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<p style="text-align:center;">I Have moved accounts.</p>
<p style="text-align:center;">[[User:Prince Finneow]]</p>
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{{Title2|Its Finneow, Bitch!}}
Hello {{USERNAME}}, the current time is {{LOCALTIME}} {{LOCALDAYNAME}} {{LOCALMONTH}} {{CURRENTYEAR}}.                        
[[File:Screenshot_1.jpg|thumb|left|358px|You can call me Vinioo]]
=='''Hello my friends!'''==
'''Yes hello. My name is Finneow, But you can call me Finn, Or Fninn. Or (If you like) Feen. As You May know I Am a massive fan of homestuck and Doctor Who And Sherlock. I Would Try and decide which one i like the most, BUT THEY'RE ALL SO GOOD! :33 Some of you may also know that I have a massive sense of humor and quite a dirty mind :P You can find a list of my friends below and also some other things!'''
'''Hope you like music :)'''
{{YoutubePlayer|VideoURL = embed/Msr4ilxHQJ4|Autoplay = 1|Hide = 0}}
Note to self: <nowiki> <verbatim>Operation Smiles</verbatim> </nowiki>
Petition to call the new Bot "Ceiling Nick"
Fuck yes!
Are you drunk?
hell no
==Mah Stats==
==List of friends==
[[User:Silverspots|You leave, you come back, you leave, you come back -_-]]
[[User:Nightweaver2112|PRINCE! *Evil laugh of evil*]]
[[User:Mr. Black Ops13|blepz]]
[[User:CrashingCymbal|Cumball :D]]
[[User:Irishninja0|Sneaky ninja]]
[[User:WhyAmIReadingThis|Ceiling Nick]]
[[User:Zyranne|Zy Guy]]
[[User:SomePersonHere|Simon hue]]
[[User:FrozenFire2|Frosn pls]]
[[User:CynicalSloth|Cynny bby]]
[[User:Castiels Nipples|Cheesy Nips]]
[[User:Lei Omaki|Kankri]]
[[User:Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye|Zaccky Bby]]
[[User:Princess Platinum|MARIA, THANKS FOR FIXING KILL &lt;3]]
[[User:CPwikiCHATlogger|Everyone Loves Jesse! "Sitcom Music"]]
[[User:41488p|414 stahp fapping]]
[[User:Hurshbr|I really cannot think of something to put here]]
[[User:Esoteric Entity|ESO]]
[[User:Fatal Disease|Grapey The Grape]]
[[User:Eyeless Jack|Jack]]
===Besties i guess:===
[[User:FrozenFire2|Frosn pls]]
[[User:Fatal Disease|Do You Hear the Grape Roaring?]]
[[User:Castiels Nipples|NippyWippyAssShirt]]
[[User:Silverspots|KILL YOU FUCKER]]
[[User:Prince Weaver|Prince Night Willow Jones]]
==Top Pastas==
[[A Mist in the Park]]
[[The Russian Sleep Experiment]]
[[Ted the Caver]]
==Top user quotes==
I want to face punishment in uncle moose's giggle basement -Shotgun hobo
I'm not saying hes a sock, but hes a sock -Me, Finneow
I will piss over your list -Ednoahjones (turntechgodhead) (Ectobiologist) 
"Stay away from the porn sites!" Great warning. -Somepersonhere (CarcinoGenticist)
Porn = 127000000 results -Somepersonhere (CarcinoGenticist)
Richard -Grammatik
Do you got the BOOTY -Lei Omaki
Roses are brown, Violets are brown, everything is brown, I have explosive diarrhea -Me, Finneow
==Finneow's gallery of shit==
<gallery position="center" widths="310" captionalign="center" captiontextcolor="#27bb0a" bordercolor="#27bb0a" captionsize="large" bordersize="large">
I hit 100.png|I hit '''100'''
150.png|I hit '''150'''
Best chat up line ever.png|I get '''ALL''' Teh ladies
Wtf frozen.jpg|Wtf frozen
Best. story ever.jpg|Well that is the'''best''' story ever
250.jpg|two hundred and '''FUKKIN''' fifty
fishpotato.jpg|Well if you '''''Insist'''''
Nick.png|'''''Reading is always waching'''''
uuvd.png|10/10 would watch
fhs.jpg|Majestic as FUCK
0.001.jpg|One year, 500 edits, 3 rights applications, 1 pasta, 1 name change and One rollback position later... '''Thanks for making it so good :33'''
damnit zy.jpg|Oh for crying out loud
thefuck.jpg|What the angling fuck
I summed up the chat.jpg|Chat in a Nutshell
9y.png|This is the start of the '''Robot Apocolypse'''
What have i done.jpg|They Told me to do the '''EXACT OPPOSITE''' of this
Lewl.jpg|7th Circle of wat
<ul id="WikiaNotifications" class="WikiaNotifications" style="position:Fixed;bottom:1px;z-index:4;margin:1337;"><li><div style="padding:8px 15px 8px 15px;line-height:1;font-size:12px;">Hey {{USERNAME}}, Welcome to my super pimped out user page and my talk page is over here if you want to [[User talk:Finneow|Leave a Message]], and if you are angry at me you can [[Special:UserLogout|Leave right now]]<br /></div><br /></li></ul>

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I Have moved accounts.

User:Prince Finneow

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