My Pastas on the Wiki

Accused - A historical anecdote depicting the atrocities of the Salem Witch Trials through a 2nd Person POV.

My Favorite Pastas (No Order)

Mutant Future - Just, dat ending tho.

The End - There aren't a lot of good religious pastas.  This is one of them.

Aesthetically Pleasing - Love how the scary ones are actually the pitiful ones.

What the Animals See - WELL THAT EXPLAINS A LOT.

Enlightenment of a War Machine - I can relate to this only too much.

Blue Light - Perfectly captures the horror of one of the stupidest things the US has ever done.

Cats - "M'o Pills"  "M'O PILLS" "M'O PILLS"

Devolution -

My Dead Girlfriend Keeps Messaging Me on Facebook - I'm at a loss of words to describe the spooks of this one.

Nazi Twin Experiment - Azrael Azrael Azrael Azrael Azrael Mengele Azrael Azrael

Russian Sleep Experiment - Nope.  Just nope.

Verner the Vigilante: A Disturbingly Delicious Diatribe - Welp, that's enough Internet for today.  What I mean is, WHAT THE F-

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