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My Creepypasta:

The Trio of Cosmic Entities:

The Trio of Cosmic Entities Part 1 - a trio of juvenile delinquents were taken into a bar outside of space and time, and the only way for them to return is if they become superior life forms.

Tales of The Cursed Town:

Story #1: The Parasite - a reluctant drug dealer that was arrested by the cops after ten years of doing his business meets a human soul trapped within the body of a supernatural being.

Zack, Zack Ryle The Demon:

Story #1: The Rainy City

Story #2: It's Time To Say Goodbye.

Story #1: My Little Love - The tragic love story of a demonic being that fell inlove with a human girl only to face the most heartbroken thing in its life.

Evan Green, The Manifestation of Negativity:

Story #1: Consequences Of Brutal Honesty. - A brutally honest teenage girl who recently moved to a suburban area that is haunted by a entity that hates brutal honesty peoples.