aka Marguerite

  • I live in Laurel, MD
  • I was born on August 5
  • My occupation is Fry cook
  • I am Female

Aka "that crazy wall monster who draws buff Creepypasta monsters."

Depending on how you behave on this wiki I can be either your greatest asset or YOUR WORST FUCKIN' NIGHTMARE. And yes, I'm the one who decreed the no-spinoff rule. I doodle quite a bit in my spare time, the results of which you'll sometimes see uploaded to this wiki, my DeviantART, and FurAffinity (Warning: sometimes I put really naughty stuff on FA!)


Heh heh heh...silly human, do you really think YOU are in control?

Stories I've written:

PS: If you want your deleted story restored, don't tell me or any other admin to do so directly; post a request on Deletion Appeal instead.

Images of mahself, fanart of Brick, and stuff I've drawn for others

Please, don't use any of these images without my permission.

Reaction Images

These have been moved to thier own page.

Other (creepypasta-related) stuff of mine

Mostly stuff from the "Worm Jeff" saga. Includes fanart by other users. I'm in the process of moving these to seperate gallery pages.

NOTICE! Much of this art has been circulating without attribution on Tumblr. If you see it, inform whoever's responsible that it was made by Furbearingbrick on Creepypasta Wiki.

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