G.M. Danielson

aka Grant

  • I live in my home...the Carpathian Mountains ;)
  • I was born on November 8
  • My occupation is Writer, voice actor, graphic designer, musician, host of The Simply Scary Podcast
  • I am Male

Greetings fellow creepypasta fans, I'm G.M. Danielson -- a writer, voice actor, graphic designer, musician, and host of Chilling Tales For Dark Night's new show, The Simply Scary Podcast. I am dedicated to all things horror fiction, especially the classics, but not without regard for more modern work...and everything else in between.


You can listen to episodes of The Simply Scary Podcast below:

Simply Scary Podcast

Since 2014, I have run a growing YouTube channel, Horror Readings by G.M. Danielson devoted to narrations of horror fiction and creepypasta. Below is my introductory video and a link to my channel:

Horror Readings by G.M

Horror Readings by G.M. Danielson Channel Intro

I write voraciously, and am a published poet and author in several popular and burgeoning new-formalist poetry journals (under a different nom de plume as is my way). Concerning my prose, I write a mixture of 18th-century-themed long works and startlingly modern shorts; some of my stories are graced with mild pastiche. I've posted a small sampling of my lesser works for community enjoyment. Read on...and don't blame me if I've scared you...

My creepypasta bookshelf:

The Girl With Golden Hair -- A young milliner retains a secret fetish for hair...until she meets sweet Opal. Now, she must fulfill her darkest desires...

Strawberry Syrup Is to Die For -- Koko is persistent--and impossibly insistent--that the sticky red confection for ice-cream is worthy of death. But does Darek really know what her words mean?

Sinfire on Saint Patrick's Day -- a man walks home on Saint Patrick's day, intending to explain to his wife why he's been drinking against her wishes...until he is waylaid at a local Doolin pub by a strange woman.

The Dunlewy Church Haunting -- three friends accept a dare from a barmaid to profane an old Irish Church. Little do they know what consequences their venture will bring.

The Bargain

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