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I like helping out here, and that is all.
I like helping out here sometimes, and that is all.
==Creepypastas I've Made==
*<s>The Town of Evil Story from Minecraft</s> - It got deleted because it sucked so hard.
*<s>The Road of No Return</s> - I'm kind of disappointed it got deleted, because the ton of positive feedback it was getting. But oh well; it didn't meat the quality standards, so it was best for it to be deleted. I don't know if I will make anymore creepypastas from this point onwards, because I suck at making them.
==Creepypasta Ratings==
These are pastas I have read that I rate on a scale from 1 to 10, and that I give my short opinion on.
*<s>The Town of Evil Story from Minecraft </s> - 1/10 - Sonic.exe is worse.
*[[The Wal-Mart Prophet]] 7/10
*[[Steinmen Woods Report|The Steimen Woods Report ]] - The first creepypasta I've ever read.
*<s>The EnderCreep</s>
*[[Cupcakes (Original)]]
*[[w:c:Sonic.exe|Sonic.exe]] - 0/10* - Some people actually find this to be one of the greatest pastas ever made. To that I say: '''Read it while your brain is turned on.'''
*<s>The Road of No Return</s> - 7/10
*[[Normal Porn for Normal People]] 8/10
*[[Jeff the Killer]] 5/10 - Too farfetched.
*[[Squidward's Suicide]] 8/10
*[[Cupcakes]] 7/10 - Yeah, it relies too heavily on gore, but I think the dialog is pretty good.
*<s>Abandoned by Disney</s> 8/10 - Pretty interesting.
*[[The Rake]] 8/10 - This was also one of the first creepypastas I've read.
*<s>Room Zero</s> 7/10 - Not as interesting as Abandoned by Disney, but it's still decent.
*[[Jane the Killer]]  2/10*
*[[Huntsville Camping Trip]]  7/10 - It was nice, but the ending felt a little lazy.
*[[The Last House on Bridle]] 6/10
<small>* = I will never know how these pastas got popular.</small>
===How The Rating System Works===
*<small>10 = Masterpiece </small>
*<small>9 = Outstanding </small>
*<small>8 = Good/Great </small>
*<small>7 = Decent </small>
*<small>6 = Okay </small>
*<small>5 = Mediocre </small>
*<small>4 = Poor </small>
*<small>3 = Bad </small>
*<small>2 = Terrible </small>
*<small>1 = Abysmal </small>
*<small>0 = Worst pasta ever made </small>
==Q & A==
'''Q: How Come You Don't Write Creepypastas?'''
'''A''': I do, but, I don't find myself good at making creepy stories, so I don't make them often. When I do try to make creepy stories, I post them on [[w:c:trashpasta|this wiki]] (that wiki is kind of useless now since I now have [[w:c:godzillafan1s-sandbox|Sandbox Wiki]]) and ask for feedback.
'''Q: Why Do You Like Creepypastas?'''
'''A:'''Because I like creepy stories, and they're very entertaining to read. However, there's a lot of shitty creepypastas (mostly vg pastas). The worst one I've read has to be Sonic.exe. The writing sucks, there's lots of cliches, overuse of blood, and the ending was absolutely horrible.
'''Q: Can You Add More to the Q&A?'''
'''A:''' If you want to read more questions and answers from me, then go [[w:c:trollpasta:user:GodzillaFan1#Q & A|here]]

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I like helping out here sometimes, and that is all.

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