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The Pastas I've Made That I Enjoy

  • The Preservers : An eerie explanation as to how we age.
  • Sirens : A tale about a girl that learns her life is a lie.
  • It All Started After Our Mother Died : The loss of a mother brings forth darkness in a grieving household.
  • The Raffle : The gist of a lottery win but with a dark twist.
  • Paranoia : A young man falls victim to twisted entities.
  • I Don't Know What to Do : A husband awakes to an empty bed.
  • The Raffle: Part Two : A surprising twist to an already twisted tale, The Raffle.
  • City Boy : A young man finds himself on the wrong side of town.
  • Ever Lonely : A robotic child confronts the evil doings in its household.
  • Burā'ī : A talented girl finds herself prey to a mysterious being.
  • Room 250 : An overworked doctor discovers a new patient in room 250.
  • Eloped (under reconstruction) : A couple finds themselves on the wrong end of fate.
  • Bully Me Silent : A sympathetic bully learns a lesson for her silence.
  • A Girl's Night : A troubled teen and her friends debate fate.
  • Mirror's Image : A disturbing tale of roommates gone wild.
  • Unbearable : An eerie story of a germaphobe and his journey outside of his bubble.
  • It's So Cold : An occupant of a home is fed up with being cold.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing : A tale of beauty and its effects on those lacking it.
  • Visiting Uncle : A story told by a terrified girl seeking to escape her troubled family dynamic.
  • Chewy : A story about a reserved college student with an insatiable desire to chew.
  • A Bedtime Story : A tale read from the book of life... and death.
  • They've Changed : A girl and her parents aren't on the best of terms because of a strange shift within the household.

The Embarrassing Pastas

  • The Red Paint : A tale about a love struck young girl, her crush, and an easel.
  • Nightshade : A girl realizes too late what has gotten into the cats.
  • The Rose Garden Part One : A story about an anxious teenager, her oblivious parents, and the new gardener no one remembers hiring.

YouTube Narrations

Some very talented people have taken the time to not only read my work, but to narrate it. Check it out.

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