Harvey The Hunter

aka Harvey Free

  • I live in London
  • I was born on July 12
  • My occupation is Hunter
  • I am Male
Creepypasta world

Welcome to my world

UPDATE: While I was gone for a very long time, I have now returned and shall attempt to maintain contact with this wiki. Also if you're not on my friends list, don't worry, that thing is old as hell and I'm too lazy to update it. I have a tendency to make small changes in pastas, I feel the need to change any grammatical errors I come across so please don't mistake it for anything else. Bad grammar just annoys me.

Hello <insert name here> and welcome to my Home! Feel free to make yourself comfy Mr/Mrs stalker.

I am a HUGE The Walking Dead (Game, Series, Comic), Game of Thrones and Doctor who fan as well.

Oh, and please don't touch that notebook.

H - Harvey The Hunter
The Lonely Madman
Age: You don't need to know.
Sex: Male
Likes Vinegar, Creepypasta, Knifes and the number 1111
Goal: Find The Meaning Of The Number 1111
Dislikes: Maxim, Bullying, Trolls
Quote If L's a genius, then H's an extreme genius. If L's a freak, then H's an extreme freak.
Dangers: May cause Insanity and fatal wounds at knife point

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The Leaf Raking Woman of Chamonix

The Haunted Tree of Death (Deleted)


My Doll Annabella

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