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Greetings fellow lovers of the dark, macabre and grotesque. I am Matthew Brockmeyer, the Humboldt Lycanthrope, author of the critically-acclaimed novel KIND NEPENTHE: A Savage Tale of Terror Set in the Heart of California's Marijuana Country. My ghoulish and ghastly stories have appeared in numerous publications, both in print and online, including, among others, Infernal Ink Magazine, Body Parts Magazine, Not One of Us, Timeless Tales Magazine, Alephi, Shotgun Honey, Pulp Metal Magazine, Deciduous Tales, and the anthologies The Edge: Infinite Darkness, After the Happily Ever After, One Hundred Voices, and Monolith.

All of my pastas take place in Humboldt County, California, a place so deviant, bizarre, and surreal that it makes Twin Peaks look like Mayberry.

For links to my stories, book reviews, interviews and articles available online visit my website. Check out my Facebook page. It has great links to writing workshops, contests, craft essays, and lots of fun stuff regarding the horror genre.

My pastas are:

The Number of Darkness- PASTA OF THE MONTH September, 2015. The year is 1860 and William Cooperton, an enterprising pioneer, watches as his twin daughters succumb to demon infestation and his family and settlement fall into bloodthirsty madness.

The Long List- PASTA OF THE MONTH June, 2015. A brutal murder causes a homicide detective to lose his mind. Freestyle Challenge Finals winner with a score of 98/100.

Daddy's Little Princess- how far will a father go to rescue his daughter from a cult of blood worshiping pornographers?

He Was a New Man- a disturbing look at the effect of loneliness on a twisted soul. Winner in the first round of the Freestyle Challenge with a perfect score of 10/10. Nominated for Pasta of The Month. "I loved it!" - Chuck Palahniuk, author of Fight Club

Under a Rotting Sky- a tragic punk-rock love story. First place winner in The Song Contest. NSFW.

The Gym Teacher- Danny was obsessed with serial killers. Unfortunately that obsession leads him to discover the true nature of a monster. Arguably one of the most gruesome and disturbing stories on the site. Not for the faint of heart. NSFW.

A Noel in Black- Seasons Bleedings. Caleb brought something home with him when he returned from Vietnam and Christmas Eve 1970 is turning into a psychedelic death trip. First place winner in The Holiday Horror Story Contest. NSFW

Sons of Odin- When an alienated and troubled black-metal head is befriended by a cult of Odin worshipers things go terribly awry. Winner of the Mythology Contest with a score of 90/100. Nominated for Pasta of the Month

Clown Dogs- when cyber-bullying goes too far there are consequences. NSFW.

The Abalone Thief- a modern-day ode to Lovecraft. Nominated for Pasta of The Month.

Looks Like We Got a Live One Here, Boys- when hippy permaculture designers go back to the land what they find is a nightmare from hell.

Rumpelstiltskin- an extremely disturbing and modern take on the classic Grimm Brothers tale. NSFW.

My micro-pastas are:

The Music Lover- 513 words.

The Fearless Vampire Killing Brothers- 300 words

The Dream- 86 words

These reading were done by Joel at Let's Read. He is hands down one of the best narrators out there.


"The Long List" Creepypasta Let's Read!


"He Was a New Man" Creepypasta by Humboldt Lycanthrope


"The Number of Darkness" Creepypasta by Humboldt Lycanthrope-0

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