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  • I live in The Middle Of No Where
  • I was born on May 15
  • My occupation is Literally Nothing
  • I am Male
  • Bio Non Minecraft NSFW story (Mature audiences only)
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Hello, my name is Icydice. I was born on May 15, 2003. I would love to meet the many people in this wiki, including you reading this! I'm a Creepypasta Writer who will hopefully hit it big someday, but not yet. I hope to become a better writer and I appreciate feedback.

I'm a friendly guy. Message me on my talk page with any questions or concerns.

My Reddit Name is : Chris183539. Any narrators or authors reading this, any stories uploaded by that account are originally made by me and uploaded to reddit by me under that name.

My Stories

Tick, Tock

A Silver Flame

Reflective Thinking

A Christmas Miracle


All Too Human --Febuary 2018 POTM

A Helping Hand

The History of the Stars

Faulty Love

Less Than Human

To Become God

Ball-Pit -- Potm Nomination


Another Senseless Ritual -- November 2018 POTM

Dead Animals Have Been Showing Up Near My House Recently

Woes of the Gladiator

The Downside of Masturbation

Silent Tears

Terrors in the Night

The Afterlife Can Be an Unusual Place

The Afterlife Can Be an Unusual Place II

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