About Me

Normally I'm just on the Someordinarygamers Wiki, but it's died down over the years so fuck it now I'm here. Been writing pastas since 2013, below you'll see the pastas I've posted here.

My Pastas

  • The Death of a Showman - A man on the run trudges through an infinite series of hallways.
  • Hauntings Don't Exist - A daring college student accepts a challenge: to make it one full night in the Ripley Manor. A classic ghost story with more surprises than you'd expect.
  • Excromation - Biological warfare and the destruction of humanity
  • In a Dream - Poem about a spectacular dream
  • Wake Up and Smell The Roses - Visits and conversations from beyond the grave
  • How Reality Died - Last of humanity is confined to a transparent dome, everything isn't what it seems and chaos ensues
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