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Hello there, mentlegen. I don't know how to describe myself.

Basically me.

I guess we can start with the basics. I am a very large baby. I enjoy pretending that I am extremely naive. I am, in fact, not naive. 

I'm a very cool person. I do things. I have not done many things right now, but I will do more things in the future.

My Things

My Buddies

(In no particular order):

My Goals

(In no particular order):

  • Become an Admin/Moderator. I don't know what those things do, but I want to be one. I used to want to be a firefighter, too, until I learned that fire can kill you.
  • Achieve the medal for having constant activity on the Wiki for an entire year. It will take a lot of dedication and effort, but I'm sure I can do it! I am going to have Creepypasta drooling out of my ear when this is done.
  • Become a respected member of the Creepypasta Wiki community. I don't know if this has already happened or not. Probably not. I have yet to become a respected member of my Real Life community as well. I think I'd rather be here than out there.
  • Beat Super Mario Brothers. Seriously, I can't do it. No, I'm not going to use warp pipes because that's cheating.

​My Completed Goals

  • Get one of my stories on the Suggested Reading page (For some reason, that didn't last very long, but it happened)
  • Get one of my stories to be PotM
  • Get one of my stories read by a popular Creepypasta Youtuber

My Favorite Pastas

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Quotable Quotes

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"Christian Bale saved Gotham City. Athiest Bane did not. Checkmate athiests."  -Devincooper64

"You smell different when you're awake..."  -Mr. Grinn