the rocks of Candle Cove await thee

hello there folks and friends, my name is Ischmael...

Naiga kcab era sdik eht

I hail from Michigan, i read horror. I am drawn to CREEPYPASTAs and am intregued by them. And though i see that perhaps HALF or more than are ficticious, some evidence however brings to light that perhaps some appear to not be fiction. One being the AoStH Lost episode, there in fact WERE 66 episodes produced however onle 65 were released, indicating the final one is in fact an actual LOST EPISODE as it seems. The pokemon, with the videos of them, the game ones i mean, it seems to be true. even the Lavender Town Tone has its own. Back when the show was popular, several children were struck with seizures due to the flashing lights of the program, so there is, in a way, supporting evidence behind the Lavender Town Syndrome and the Ruins of Aleph incidents. These same occurrences coincide with the ABANDONLONLINESS, the Lost Silver, and possibly much much more. I will however include that many of the others dont seem so true, such as the Snow on Mt. Silver incident. What proof is there? but im not one to judge so if it did happen, i dont ask for you to relive such nightmares. I too have some stories, only if your ears permit to listen that is


I see thee waiting beyond thy door

What is thee beast on either shore

Art thou here to fright me, or wither into moor

What is the beast that sits by the door

"Beware! Beware of the big green dragon that sits on your doorstep. He eats little boys... Puppy dog tails, and BIG FAT SNAILS... Beware... Take care... Beware!"

(One of my favorite quotes from the late Bela Lugosi)

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