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Hey there, i'm Teej, but my pen name is T-Jay Lea & I wrote "The Expressionless". If you wish to adapt my work into a short movie, narration or website article, please email me at with the subject line "CREEPYPASTA" to discuss. If you're going to make profit out of it, know that I WILL find out and you don't want a lawyers letter in your inbox, because it will happen.

Writer/Creator of The Expressionless (yes I know it's mediocre, it was a writing burst exercise and no I never expected it to be this famous, just to save us both some time with DM's & emails). Straight up, you're probably a fan of my long-form writing on NoSleep and don't even know it, shoot over there and look at my work now before giving me shit yeah?

NOTE: I don't read the comments or messages on here anymore. I don't need a 12 year old to tell me how to write fiction when it's my job, thanks.

If you've found any of my content on Tumblr, 9GAG, BuzzFeed, YouTube Top 10's, Various Facebook pages, Abovetopsecret or any other forum without credit, please link them either to my Facebook page. There will be a website soon.

Check out future works at

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