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About Me

Hello I'm a fan of horror and of course creepypastas. I especially love the stories written by Kris Straub, and stories such as Faces in the Storm and The Tale of Robert Elm. My favorite creepypasta is Candle Cove. I'm a bit of a casual writer and I'm a huge fan of Lovecraftain horror, and want to write some stories in a similar vain.

Stories In Progress

All stories here I'm either currently working on or are just ideas for stories I have. Not all of my ideas will be listed here as most are either just a title or a brief blurb about what I want to write a story about.

The Memeories of Randel Savage(On Hold) - My first true cosmic horror story. Told from someones memory. Heavly influenced by Lovecraft.

Icy Solitude(Name subject to change) - Guy gets into a car accident after seeing a strange figure go across the road. Hears strange noises as he slowly dies.

A Series of Stories And a Few "Rules"

I'm beginning work on a series of stories taking place in and around an area south of Boston Massachusetts known as the Bridgewater Triangle. The stories, for the most part, will be unrelated, however I created a few rules based on my own beliefs and superstitions.

Rule #1: Monsters, ghost, and other unknown horrors do not appear in cities unless the have a macabre history like Salem

Rule #2: Between the hours of 12 and 4 are when they are most likely to be out and about.

Rule #3: Monsters and other unknown horrors will not show up when it's raining or snowing (except during thunderstorms.)

I had a few more that I forgot, but I'll add them in later, and always remember rules aren't always followed.

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