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What the Book Podcast - Hosted by Dzintra Sullivan, K. Banning Kellum and David Cooper

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The Hyraaq Tobit Series

These are my stories specifically dealing with my original character, Hyraaq Tobit.

Art by Creeparoni

Tobit: The Bleeding Sky -*Feb 2015 Pasta of the Month Nominee*-Dr. Clair Nobles is at the top of her game. A brilliant historian and researcher, she encounters the challenge of a lifetime when she is tasked with uncovering the truth behind a journal that is older than recorded history.

Tobit: Blood and Obligations -Two brothers with a shadowy connection to Hyraaq Tobit discuss their next moves. Plus a look back into the foggy past of London, where a courageous lawman does battle with the darkest of evils.

Tobit: From Love Comes Damnation -One of Hyraaq Tobit's high priests ponders long about the decisions that brought him to his position, and if eternal servitude to Hyraaq Tobit was worth a moment of vengeful delight. Also, a new, deadly threat is introduced, that could derail the efforts of Clair Nobles and the Leary brothers.

Tobit: The Grim Sorority of Tabitha Shaw -*June 2015 Pasta of the Month Nominee* -Girl Power was never quite this violent. Get ready to meet the Sisters of Tobit and join them as they bring their own brand of death and destruction to the streets of New Orleans. They've closed in on both Derrick Reynolds and Clair Nobles and a decisive struggle of good vs. evil is sure to follow.

Tobit: Theory of Two -The race between Clair Nobles and her think tank picks up speed against the wicked plans of the Sisters of Tobit. With both sides dashing towards an unseen finish line, it will take all the brilliance the lovely young scientist can muster to stay ahead of Tobit's evil agents. A third party also watches from the shadows, keeping their intentions a mystery until they find the right time to strike, but in whose court do they play?

Tobit: Hiya Toby and the Unwashed -Travel into the bowels of Delphia as different residents of the cursed city scramble to make their next move. Lance Madison struggles to maintain his place as Grand Magus, while Tabitha Shaw continues to power play her way to the top. A young girl with powerful gifts may be the hope that humanity needs to stave off the diabolical intentions of Tobit and his Cult.

Tobit: Brothers and Sisters -Worlds collide in this installment. Clair finally arrives in New Orleans to find Derrick, but will he survive the custody of Lacy Suzino long enough to meet her? The Leary brothers also make it to the Big Easy, where a familiar face just might have a deal to make. Can freedom from Tobit be granted through Madison's magic?

Tobit: The Lady and the Maiden of Knowledge -Soka Ito ventures into a dark fairy-tale world in a desperate attempt to help Clair. Tabitha Shaw follows close behind, but will have to face down some of her own personal demons in the meantime. Can some unworldly friends be the help that Soka needs, as the child attempts to stand up against the ancient evil of Tobit?

Tobit: The Champion Rises -In this installment, all motives are thrown out into the open. A massive secret is revealed within the Sisters of Tobit. Lance Madison prepares to conduct a sacrifice, and a new power alliance forms in the least likely of situations. As new friendships form and old ones collapse, who will remain standing in the face of pure evil?

Tobit: Hyraaq Tobit -In the final installment of the Hyraaq Tobit series, all worlds will collide. The Unwashed face the forces of Pinkerton and Delphia, with Clair, Derrick and the rest caught in the middle. In a story filled with last minute gambles and long shots, who will remain standing when all of Delphia and the heart of Tobit are revealed?

Hyraaq Tobit: The Complete Collection -All Tobit stories listed above are conveniently packaged here, perfect for sharing the whole story!

Jeff the Killer Stories

Love him or hate him, Jeff the Killer is part of the Creepypasta genre! Below are my stories based around the most iconic character in Creepypasta. All appropriate credit for the characters associated with the traditional Jeff the Killer stories belong to the original authors of the respective tales.

Jeff the Killer 2015 -During the early fall of 2015, a contest was held to return the Jeff the Killer story to this site, with an improved and workable plot. Through the amazing support of this community, my story was chosen by vote. So, please enjoy the second telling of Jeff the Killer, done through my process.

Jeff the Killer 2015: Creator's Cut -Get the rest of the story here! Due to word limitations during the contest for the new Jeff, I had to edit almost half the story out. Check out the entire tale over on Spinpasta!

Jeff the Killer: Scars of Corruption -Only on Spinpasta, the sequel to Jeff the Killer 2015! Four years after the events of JtK 2015, murder and madness return to Mandeville, LA. Is Jeffery Woods back or is there a far more sinister plan being hatched?

Jeff the Killer: Jane -Only on Spinpasta, the story continues as the madness and corruption within Mandeville continues to be brought to light. Jane Arkansaw sits down with another survivor of immense evil and tells her story. Find out how this young heiress fits into the twisted path of death and terror left in the wake of Jeff the Killer.

Jeff the Killer: The Disturbingly Cruel -Dalton delves deeper into the madness that is unfolding all around him. As new clues appear leading the detective ever closer to the truth, a frightening new face is brought into the equation.

Jeff the Killer: Liu -The story continues as we catch up with Jeff's younger brother Liu and learn what challenges and terrors have fallen unto the young man. A mysterious young woman, a fanatical holy man and a devious friend surround Liu in this installment.

Jeff the Killer: Shades of Madness -As Detective Dalton Bradshaw, with the help of Nina Hopkins plunges further into the madness and evil of the Mandeville cover-up, a new location is revealed where the very heart of the vile corruption may be hiding.

Jeff the Killer: Randy -Randy Hayden has spent years in hiding. The world blamed him as though they knew his story. Is Randy nothing more than a toxic product of affluence? His search for redemption will take him to places he'd never have imagined existed.

My Personal YouTube Channel - K. Banning Kellum Presents

These are my personal YouTube videos where I discuss and analyze horror related topics, urban legends and folklore and lots of campy banter with a 80's and 90's twist! Come Subscribe and help me spread the word at: K. Banning Kellum's YouTube Channel

The Hyraaq Tobit Series Narrated by Creeparoni

Audio book of my novel The Hyraaq Tobit Series. Performed masterfully by the one and only Creeparoni. She is in deed the one true "voice of my stories." Please subscribe and share her channel!

Creeparoni's Youtube Channel

The Demon Tobit of Delphia

For Love and Hot Chocolate

Tobit: The Bleeding Sky

Tobit: Blood and Obligations

Tobit: From Love Comes Damnation

Tobit: The Grim Sorority of Tabitha Shaw

Tobit: Theory of Two

Tobit: Hiya Toby and the Unwashed

Tobit: Brothers and Sisters

Tobit: The Lady and the Maiden of Knowledge

Tobit: The Champion Rises

Tobit: Hyraaq Tobit

Audio Readings of Jeff the Killer 2015, JtK: Scars of Corruption and JtK: Jane

Jeff the Killer 2015

Audio Readings of my Online Works

Queen Justine and the Cutest Little Shing

Audio Versions of my Published Works

The narrated stories below can be purchased in print in my latest anthology: Gris Gris and Juju: A New Orleans Horror Lagniappe

The Demon in the Mirror Trick

The Unkillable Kenny Leonard

The Funny Foul-Up of Frantic Falcone

They Hate Us and Want Us to Die

Love Always

Of Beauties and Beasts

Secret Bar

Joe Montana Saves the Princess

The Doctor and the Coffin Song

Dinner with Vivianna

Total Universal Blackout

Hoy Rod

My Lost Story: Atari Adventure Hell Level

So, I wrote this one way back in 2012 while still in the Army, stationed in Kuwait. I was just getting into Creepypastas and decided to try my hand at writing one. I made an account which I have since long forgotten, and wrote this story. I knew nothing about writing pastas or how to format. The story was deleted and I forgot all about it, until tonight when I found a Youtube reading of it by Youtuber Ayumu on Goryparodies Productions

Articles and Interviews

Expertly written and conducted, these talented article writers somehow convert my ramblings into professionally constructed features!

Interview on Medium - Article by Gabrielle Schaefer

Story Feature and Interview on UK Horror Scene - Article by Steven Hickey

Story Featured on 13th Floor - Article by Gregory Burkart

Story featured on Ranker - Article by Amanda Sedlak-Hevener

Featured on Creepypasta Wiki Writer's Lounge - Interview by GreyOwl

Collaborative Publications


Below are links to the anthologies that contain some of my work. If you'd like to support these wonderful works that give indie artists a traditional platform, please click the links for more information on purchase!

We Go Bump Vol. 3

The Creepypasta Collection Vol. 2

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