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Hmm.... Where should I start. Oh yes my name, my name, lets see I need a second to remember..... I think it was Jay. Yes that`s it sorry I have not heard my name in years I think, of course I don`t really know how long I have been here. Well I guess I should tell you the story of how I got here I remember that pretty well. I was a normal 15 year old kid I had friends, best friends , or so I thought. I´ll start by telling you about my only real friend Sky. She has brown hair with pale skin, her eyes were two colors her left was a dark brown but her right was the most beautiful sky blue hence her name. But none of that really matter aside the fact of maybe a little crush. She was the only one that stuck up for me against my other ¨friends¨. Ah the others,the cool kids of the school that´s the only reason I wanted to hang out with them. Sky always told me not too even try her reasoning was always ¨ I have a feeling that they are not good kids and they´ll get you in trouble¨. Well my day finally came. At lunch they approached me. Their leader Mason asked if I wanted to hang out with them after school. I was so exited I thought I was going to throw up but trying to keep my composure I calmly said yes. If only I knew why the wanted a new ¨friends¨. Right after they left
I ran and told Sky about our new friends. She looked very unhappy with the news but she could see how happy I was and went with it. School went by so slow but eventually came to a end. As soon as the bell rang I ran outside they were not there yet so I waited.They walked out before sky I asked if we could wait for her but mason and the others (who`s names I have yet to learn) all stared at me angrily ¨You do not get to decide who we hang out with, we never said she could come. Now let`s go¨.Mason said in a very snappy tone. I left with out her. It pains me to this day that I left her but trust me I am paying for it. We went to Masons mansion. They started introducing themselves. The chubby ones was named mike, the skinny one was Bronx, there was another one but I can´t remember his name, and of course mason. after a little while I could tell that Bronx was second in charge. I think the only reason they were friends with the fat one was because his parents worked for Mason´s parents big company. Mason was 18 He had the nicest car at school it was black corvette with two red strips going down the middle.I know that because it was the last thing I remember looking at before they started the game. they did not explain what the game was all I know is that I played a very important role in it. When it started getting dark they explained the game. Mason stared right at me with a crazed smile and said ¨Have you ever heard of the Jane´s Ritual¨ I was puzzled ¨no I have not¨ I said he then started explaining how it´s going to work he said you need one white candle,one black candle, a drop of blood from the main player, and a piece of paper all of which he had in the back of his car. He told me I will be going first. That did not really bug me I have played bloody Mary in the bathroom at home but it did not work.... looking back I wish I had just ran away went home safe and sound but I did not. Mason lit the white candle first then the black he then gave me a small pocket knife and a pen he told me to write a invitation to a ghost named Jane. I asked why that name this time Bronx spoke before mason. ¨This is her ritual, you write a letter inviting her to play three rounds of hide and seek but everyone who was lucky enough to get to play said she first appears as a little girl but as the game goes on she turns into different things. People normally only get to the second round before giving up they say she turns into her father the story goes he thought she was a demon,rightfully so, (that´s what she is on the the third and final round) He was so afraid of her he killed her after the first shot to the head he chopped her up and buried the pieces in different places¨. I said okay and rolled my eyes then I started on the letter when I was done I made a small cut on my hand and let if fall on the paper. Mason told that they had to leave and after they do to read the letter in front of the candles if the white one goes out that means she wants to play and go hid but if the black goes out it means she does not want to play. I rolled my eyes again ¨ alright what ever, I´ll call you when nothing happens and I´m ready to go home¨ he looked at me and scuffed ¨sure¨. I made sure they had left before I read my note I stood in front of the candles and started reading.
When I´m finished I looked up at the candles a few seconds went by. Then the white candles flame went out. I stood there just staring at it then remember to go hid so I did I think my first spot was in a closet. I was in there for a bit then started thinking they never really gave me the rules of the game so I looked it up on my phone. It said I have to keep moving around every so often. If she gets close I will feel a sharp pain in my head or hear laughter the instructions said to get out of the area. '''<big>round 1</big>''' I decide to get out of the closet I walk through room after room then as I walked into the kitchen I heard laughter so I turned back around and ran into a hiding spot I do not remember where. I was panicking It´s real, I´m really playing hid and seek with a girl.... No a demon. The thought of that made me cry. I heard a noise outside and stifled my sobbing. I need to change hiding spots I have not heard any noises outside in a while so I leave.I start up the stairs when I got to the top I thought I saw a shadow go into a room I run the other way.When I find a place to hid I catch my breath I stayed there for hours then I heard a little girls voice say ¨Round one over¨. I waited maybe a hour then called mason. He sounded a little confused and said ¨ you made it¨? I asked him what that meant he said nothing then told me he was on his way to get me. He was there in a few minutes I went outside the light made my eyes sting then realized it was morning I started the game last night. He took me home in silence. When I opened the door my mother and father both yelled at me for not telling them I was staying at a friends house I told them sorry and went up to my room to get some sleep.The next day Sky asked me where I was yesterday I told her how I hung out with Mason and the others she was hurt I could tell I asked her whats wrong she said nothing and walk away. A kids who had been listening to us told me that she waited a long time for me outside she asked people if they had seen me she asked until she got a answer I had left without her. I tried to find her before the morning bell rang but I could not. ¨I´ll talk to her at lunch¨ I thought to myself. When lunch finally came around I found her sitting alone at a table I went over there and apologized to her I told her I will go to her house after school and she agreed. i did not see Mason or the others that day so I just went to sky´s house as planned we hung out until I had to go home it was around 5:00 when I got home. I ate dinner then tried to go to bed but at 6:25 I hear a little girls voice say ¨'''Round two'''¨ I got up and hid under my bed. ¨shit not this again¨ I thought.I knew I would have to move around or it will get me, so I waited until I heard a laugh then ran to the kitchen to hid in a cabinet. I was kinda glad to be at my house this time I mean I knew where the hiding spots are. It was about time to move again I was thinking of a spot when I got this terrible headache I had remembered from the night before that it was one of the signs it was near me. I got up and ran to the.... where did I go? Hmm, Oh well I ran somewhere found a spot and stayed. The headache has gone away and all I wanted to do was go to sleep I was still tired from staying up last night. I had moved one more time I went in the hall closet my mother kept extra blankets and pillows in there I was so comfy then I must have fallen asleep. I awoke to my mother calling my name I got up trying to remember what happened last night. How was I still alive maybe the game ended soon after I dosed off. I went to school and Sky was waiting at the door for me she looked afraid of something. I asked her whats the matter, She looked at me for a few moments then softly said ¨ Did you do it¨ ¨Do what¨"I asked ¨Play that fucking game¨ now her voice was full of anger ¨Are you talking about the game with mason?¨ I said ¨ Yeah idiot¨ ¨I overheard Mason talking about it I also over heard how you were supposed to die¨ She looked away I could tell she was crying ¨ tell me it´s not real¨ ¨I.. I can´t she comes every night,I did not think it would work and I *sigh* I don´t know¨ I hugged her
¨there´s only one more night¨ I said ¨ okay be careful¨ she said over her tears. Mason was waiting for me at lunch as soon as I saw him I flew into a rage ¨YOU WANTED ME TO DIE¨ I screamed over the the lunch room everyone stopped and looked at me but I did not care I ran up to him.He said it was supposed to be a trick ¨Then why were you talking about how I was supposed to die¨ I yelled ¨ I never said that¨ he said calmly and made a little chuckle ¨ how about you just calm down¨ he wrapped his arm around me I threw it off. I knew I was not going to win a fight against him I´m 15 he´s 18 so I walked away and found sky. When school ended Sky asked me If she could spend the night I told her the thing will come and I don´t want her to get hurt she walked away no arguing or nothing. That night guess who showed up at my door she walked in and threw her stuff down ¨ I´m going to play to¨ she said cheerfully ¨ No your not¨ I said but as it got late she refused to leave. then I heard a little girls voice say '''¨round three¨''' I told her it was time to hid she picked behind the couch so I picked behind the chair so I could keep a eye on her. Not a minute went bye until we heard this thing walk into the kitchen which was right next to the living room we were in Sky looked at me then poked her head over the couch she quickly bent down ¨Demon¨ she was mouthing it to me I mouthed back we need to move we moved from the living room to the dinning room as we were running something pulled Sky back. I turned there it was a Demon it was so tall it had to hunch over to avoid hitting its head on the ceiling and its skin looked has if it had been burnt a million times some black some red it face was horrific too the big red green eyes stared at Sky while its long tongue licked its razor sharp teeth. when it was done staring at her it looked at me and said in a little girls voice ¨ You lost¨ It started to tighten its grip around her so I screamed ¨ Take me¨ it still held on tight but not as tight it thought about it for a second the said ¨ I was going too but now I feel starved¨ it crushed her I could hear the bones snap blood sputtered everywhere. Now I don´t now if it took our souls I don´t even now what it did to me all I know is I´m stuck here I don´t think It´s hell or heaven it has cells and people ask me what I did to her I tell them about the game they always say I´m not dead I am I know i am it killed me the.. the little girl she did this I would not hurt Sky they then start asking about what happened to Mason and the others I tell them they started it but they won´t believe me they only refer to me as insane. I hope you will believe me I did not kill them any of them I just get strange dreams about it graphic dreams of me killing them but it´s her the girl.

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