The day began average. It was a pretty warm day for Boston, Jessica supposed, as she stood outside, waiting for her friend. There was a pleasant breeze in the air, and her long blond hair blew back and forth. She sighed. Her friend must have given up on her. Beep! The little red Toyota pulled up in front of Jessica and her friend Dani jumped out. "Have fun, honey!" Mr Nate, Dani's dad called from the window, before driving away.

The hall of mirrors at Mr Magico's Fairground was one of the most fascinating things ever in Jessica's opinion.

Grooooooan! A drunken man staggered along the hall, slowly approaching the two startled girls, before grabbing hold of Jessica's friend. "Let go!" she screeched, thumping the man. He let her go, before smashing one of the mirrors, making small shards of glass fall around them like raindrops. Dani had her head hit the floor as she fell, and knocked her out. "Dani!" cried Jessica, holding her friends bleeding head. The man picked Jessica off the ground and carried her away, screaming and kicking.

"Girl missing" was what the days newsreader announced on the news. Jessica's mum wept, as she watched. "Jessica... please come home soon" she prayed.

Several days passed, without any news of Jessica, before something horrid and unexpected came along. "Girl presumed dead, body found." No hope now.

The girl climbed through the sleeping child's window, holding a shard of glass in her hand, ready to attack, before spotting the newspaper. Slowly, she picked it up, shaking her head in disgust as she read the headline. "Jessica Patternson: DEAD." It said "Young teen girls body found outside local fairground." Dani had been a nice girl, but she had to kill her.

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