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I am here to hopefully make life just a little bit more pleasant and enjoyable for my brothers and sisters, by spreading the good news of Jesus Christ and God's limitless love. Naw, I'm just fucking with ya'll. I'm here to post some "Scurry" and disturbing shit for everyone to enjoy

Authored Stories

  • The Sounding of the Fifth Trumpet : A ritual pasta took from the Book of Revelation. One person is given one chance to escape the Apocalypse and save humanity's future and past.
  • Gaze : Go to sleep and ignore that feeling of being watched. Something has been watching you. It stares at you for hours and hours every night. Eventually, it will come to you.
  • Daemon : Demons come in many shapes and forms. This one has lived amongst us from the very beginning. It is the demon we prized most above all others.
  • "In the Broad Sense" : What are the shadowy forces in the world that take control of our mind and forces us to walk into the deep forest; never to return?
  • Another Kind of Evil : When evil men become so great that good men cannot stop it, what is there left for us to do? Matthew encountered such a man when he was a little boy that changed his life forever. Matthew must become something more than the good man he is to stop this evil man and his cult.
  • The Zombie Apocalypse Sucks : A humorous account of the zombie apocalypse from the musings and through the eyes of a good old southern boy.
  • What Is Your Pleasure? : You stand before an ancient and evil demon. It can give you everything you have ever desired. It will grant every wish, and you shall never want. All you have to do is play its game and win.
  • The Kiss of Avu N'geelub : To free themselves from a curse and imprisonment, a young warlock and an Impling must put aside their contempt for each other to defeat the demon Avu N'Geelub.
  • Echoes from Blasphemy : What are you willing to do for God? What is He willing to ask for you to do?
  • Roanoke : The lost colony that disappeared without a trace on a warm spring day.
  • They Mostly Come At Night : Her mommy had always said there were no monsters, no real monsters. Told through the eyes of a little girl, a terraforming colony on an Alien planet encounters a dark and vicious creature that comes in the night. Nominated for Creepypasta of the month for March 2018
  • Can You Feel It Coming : Inspired by the 1980's hit "In the Air Tonight" by Phil Collins. A young woman encounters seven, hooded, winged figures moments before her death. The offer her entry into Heaven. She only needs to say one simple sentence.
  • The Lord's Prayer Ritual : What is going to happen to you when you die? Are you going to Heaven or Hell? Follow the instructions within this ritual and you the answer you seek. Warning-Deviation from the provided instructions is not recommended.
  • U.S.S. FEBRUARY : Inspired by the song "February Stars" by the Foo Fighters. A signal from the small dwarf planet Ceres beacons humanity. Buried in the ice of an ancient, alien settlement, they release it. It devours the crew one by one, mimicking them. It hides in their blood and consumes their flesh and soul...and it wants more.
  • Nirvana Lost, Nirvana Fallen 1: Scentless : Poem based on Nirvana's Scentless Apprentice.
  • Nirvana Lost, Nirvana Fallen 2: Trichotillomania : Poem based on Nirvana's Milk It.
  • Tighty Whities : What creeps into the bathroom when you close your eyes to wash the shampoo out of your hair?
  • Santa's Other Workshop Entry for Dec 2016 Christmas Jollytime Murderfest Competition. Santa's workshop is where all the toys for the good little girls and boys come from. Where do the naughty children's come from and who makes those types of toys?
  • Late Night in the Hot Tub Don't get out of the hot tub! Stay hidden or it might see you!
  • FELINE A cat's untold story of his importance to his shipmates, when a dangerous organism stows away on his vessel.
  • Giggle A little girl awakens to find a strange trail of balloons that lead her away from the safety of her warm bed? The end destination will reveal the true horrors that hide in the shadows and reveal future events prophesized to come to pass?
  • Giggle Part 2: Tabitha Six months after the events of Giggle, Tabitha and her mother have settled in a small town and are living a normal and peaceful life. The pair soon learns that there is no place they can hide from Heaven and Hell.
  • I Think I'm Being Followed by a Clown Courtney's midnight date with her new boyfriend takes a turn for the worse when she notice's a strange figure following her along the dark the
  • La Bruja An original folktale from Mexico. It tells the tale of La Bruja (the witch)
  • Spirit Warrior A native american medicine woman must find her faith again to perform one last exorcism.

Day of the Worm Series

  • Day of the Worm : A young boy dreams of a mystical world filled with magic and swords. All his life, the dreams have prepared him for the day of his fifteenth birthday when he would return to save his people from a dark and powerful entity that came from the stars. Now, twenty minutes to midnight, the day of his birthday, will his life change or was it just a dream?
  • The Squire and the Black Scroll : A young boy is charged with a mission to escort a cursed scroll across a war-torn land. The scroll holds the secret that may save his people from an Enemy who came from the stars.
  • The Maiden and the Lost Villagers A young girl returns to her village to bury her dead. She will not only find the dead and she will find the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy.

The Glass Jar with the Silver Latch

Cherubs Series

  • Cherubs: Part 1 : A young schizophrenic boy begins seeing shadowy figures latched onto the backs of the people in his town and hears voices both calming and threatening. Is it real or is he having another psychotic episode?
  • Cherubs: Part 2 : Is schizophrenia simply a disease or is it an ability to see into other worlds and existences? Eight months prior, Jeffery struggles to accept being schizophrenic and explores what it means to have the disease.
  • Cherubs: Part 3 : Jeffery's secret must be kept at all costs. In this final confrontation, he must do everything possible to remain hidden or suffer the most unimaginable costs.


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