King Starscream is a bit of a troll. However, he is more prone to constructive criticism than just making fun of people, unless it's someone he knows. In short, he knows how to behave on the Internet. KS started reading the Creepypasta wiki because it's better organized and updated more often than While not much of a writer, he does enjoy reading a lot, and is currently taking a stab at his first creepypasta.

In the event I say/do something to piss you off, please mention it on my talk page so I can make amends. I'd rather not have ANYONE (myself, yes, but also YOU) get b&.

Things that bug me

  • Hipsters
  • BEN Cleverbot conversations
  • "Hyper realisic" (this is the big one)
  • Not enough bacon or root beer

Wikis I'm on

  • Transformers (official,
  • Creepypasta (spectator)
  • Katamari (rarely)
  • Nerf
  • Bulbapedia

My favorite pages

My Bros

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