King of creepers

aka Your worst nightmare

  • I live in Pastaville
  • I was born on December 3
  • My occupation is Making people suffer in ways unimaginable
  • I am A Goofie Goober YEAH
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(Pastas I made)
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==Pastas I made ==
==Pastas I made ==
[ Herobrine.avi],<span style="line-height:20px;"> </span>
==<span style="line-height:20px;">Stuff about me</span>==
==<span style="line-height:20px;">Stuff about me</span>==

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Hello I'm King now run away from my epicness *Insert epicface here*

Pastas I made

Stuff about me

  • I play Terraria, War inc battlezone and Minecraft
  • I'm awesome
  • I go on chat often
  • I can control creepers
  • I'm epic
  • I made Herobrine.avi
  • someone hacked my minecraft :(
  • I am... THE BATMAN

Shit I say

  • Piss off
  • no shit sherlock
  • you don't say
  • fucktard
  • I stole clerics banhammer :)))))))
  • I'm the inspiration for epic face
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