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About Me

By reading this, I must only assume you wish to know more of me.

The only way you'll understand me, if through introspection, man must see himself. Philosophers such a Nietzsche say that the eye that looks upon itself will lie, but that is how these different philosophies appear, on how wrong they are, of how ignorant they are.

But that's not what I want to talk about.. tell me, what do you fear? What makes scary stories, scary for you? When does a story go "too far?" Where are the lines drawn for a scary story? When does the scary story become "Unreadable?"

That's what I do, it is my passion. I wish to push the borders, expand the Horror/Macabre Genre as far as I can, no matter the cost. No matter how many people are offended, no matter how many people are disgusted. I am here to make people scared, miserable, and at the end of the day, thankful.

So yeah, I like The Human Centipede.

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