Creepypasta Wiki

I'm a Creepypasta author and am rather protective of my work. I love the way these stories are free and accessible, but do think that works of fiction belong to the author. Some people disagree of course but that's my position.

Anyway, here are my stories (in chronological order):


This is about a woman who is enraptured by a mythic figure called Laura. I've always liked the idea of the character of Laura and may write more about her in the future.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Fun for all the Family

This one is about Sonic the Hedgehog. I honestly don't think there are many genuinely good Sonic creepypasta. Sure, the Tails Doll Curse and Sonic.exe are pretty interesting, but I wouldn't call either particularly good. That said, Sonic.exe was one of the Creepypasta that moved me to write creepypasta.

The Game You Fall In Love With (Amo Te)

This one is about a young woman, called Rachel, who plays an online dating game because she is lonely. It's pretty mysterious, and I wrote it a bit on a whim.

Hopefully I shall be updating this page with more to come!