Ahoy mateys! Mi llamo es Karl Marx!

Some Favorites

Some great pastas, none of which I wrote:

  • Dogscape, a wonderful, heart-warming tale of forbidden love in a stark New England setting.
  • Stupid Cows, the inspirational true story of how Richard Nixon became the greatest president of the United States.
  • Normal Porn for Normal People, a factual reference guide to finding happiness through our lord and savior Jesus Christ.
  • Rabbits in the Creek, a nonfictional analysis on the rising stock prices after the 22nd century.
  • The Devil Game, a modern day retelling of the timeless classic: "Sharknado"
  • Sombrero Wearing Dinosaur, a graphic novel about Cold-War era espionage, the nuclear arms race, and my personal hero, Richard Nixon.
  • Abandoned by Disney, meine Lieblingsgeschichte schrieben auf Deutsch. Err, that was almost German.

My Pastas

Alright, so here's all my pastas in order of creation (in general, skip to the end for better stories):


To be clear, these are narrations of my stories, not narrations by me. That'd would be silly; I'm a blind, deaf, mute, after-all. If you (Yes you!) have narrated one of my stories, let me know and I'll post a link regardless of how whiny or terrible your narration is.

Something Took My Eyes:


Hang Up

The Ersatz Cat


Life as a Carnivore

At the End of the Road

In the Court of a Pagan God

Scrap-Metal Soul

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