Some Info

This is my profile. Welcome. If you have to leave a message on my page, please ignore the negative subjects on it. That was when I didn't take writing seriously and felt like trolling one day, and as result, lashed out at someone because of it.

My Pastas

1. The Power Went Out

So far I only have one legit pasta... however... back in 2013, I had unintentionally created an infamously terrible pasta, known as "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Limited Edition" on this wiki. It actually remained for a while, until someone finally had enough of it and put it out of its misery. I thought it was gone, but I guess it was so bad that it had to be put on the TrollPasta Wiki. I don't blame them, lol. You can read it on the TrollPasta wiki here.

Grading Scale

I saw someone else do a rating thing on their user page, and thought I'd do something similar. If I comment one of the following letters, this is what they mean:

A - Sp00ky (pretty much shook my body)

B.5 - Amazing

B - Good

C.5 - Neutral

C - Meh

D.5 - Definitely needs work

D - Ew

F.5 This must have barely met the minimum requirements

F - What the...? How did this not get deleted?

Hopefully I don't have to use anything under C.

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