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For the record, I'm the most adorable thing you will ever, can ever, and have ever met.

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For Reals Doh

If I'm harshly critical of you or seem harsh as a person, it's not because I don't like you. It's because I care about your writing and your personal development as a writer, and want to see your best. I used to be an admin here on my older accounts, so don't let my (currently) low edit count fool you. I know what it takes to make it here, and that's purely and simply good writing. Don't take it to heart as a person; take it to heart as a way to improve your writing.

I'll be spending my time online:

  1. Writing advice blogs (when something that needs to be covered isn't, or something that just needs more in-depth detail)
  2. Looking out for bad works and applying the delete or M4R templates.
  3. Giving criticism on the Writer's Workshop board. I focus on works that aren't already reviewed, but if you have a work you'd personally like me to go through, just ask. I'll go through it whenever I have the chance.
  4. Doing general edits.

Mai Stuff

The first three of these are old, and I don't really consider them my best works.

  1. Tear Waster
  2. Dawkson's Cave
  3. The Dress and Cat Mask
  4. Hollyharson Manor

List of Stories to Review

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