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Welcome to Mak Ralston's official Creepypasta author page! (unless you're looking for the spooky spaghetti, it's on aisle three next to the Spam)

Being a horror lover and Creepypasta reader for years, I decided it was time to ride the saddle for myself—if you will—and write some of my very own macabre stories from the dark recesses of my mind. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll...just have to read 'em for yourself, I guess. Enjoy...

Longer Pastas:

Seven Characters in Search of a Heaven - Seven titular characters, all trapped within the same, desolate room, must determine the rationale for their dreary presence therein, and the grim connections shared between them all. (7,650 words)

A Sheep in Wolves' Clothing - After being arrested for indecent exposure, a mentally unstable and possibly drug-addicted lone wolf seeks out help from his bondsman and a loan shark in order to post bail. Oh, and he claims to be a werewolf. Yeah, that's important. (5,960 words)

Taboo - An employee at an Adult Superstore discovers an "adult" tape that leads him to a Honeymooner's hotel located on a private island. (4,570 words)

Roadkill Alley - Two strays, a cat and a girl, uncover a grisly operation after following the nightly routine of a disturbed man who collects mushy roadkill. (4,170 words)

Bite of the Greasy Dead - A group of mismatched employees working in a post-apocalyptic fast food restaurant realize they've all just been added to the menu. (4,070 words)

The Town That Knows No Night - Bordered by a forest made-up of one tree, the quaint, little town of Aspenville receives an unassuming traveler, who is welcomed by the most unwelcoming stay of his life. (3,420 words)

All Hands Are Red - A down-on-his-luck young man manages to make enough money participating in focus groups and studies. This one, however, is quite different than the rest... (3,200 words)

Bad Juju with Garlic Butter - Two criminals follow a family of three (four if you count a lobster) home from a Cajun restaurant. That's some bad juju... (2,520 words) *June 2022 PotM Winner*

The Sandman's Pillow - A series of phone calls leads a woman to believe her husband was killed by his pillow. (2,520 words)

Shorter Pastas:

Soap Scum - An attempted robbery at a gas station goes horribly awry. (1,430 words)

This Is My Body - A traveling visitor joins a church congregation for a very special Sunday service. (1,270 words)

Dry Mouths - Funeral parlors often house secrets...or sometimes answers... (1,090 words)

Ingredieris Possidendam Ritual - A dusty-old book in the basement of a college houses the knowledge for unregulated power. (1,030 words)

A Letter from Your Prodigal Father - A father, in a world quite unlike his son's, offers hope to his kin. (700 words)

Humans Can Fly - Learn the technique of flight...with only one major drawback... (600 words)

The Masks We Wear - Everyone wears a mask...some more figurative than others. (560 words)

Route 963 - A mysterious road exit offers no such relief. (390 words)

Historical Pastas:

Grayscale - The United Nations receives a proposition to end racism and culture-driven violence; a proposition that would alter society forever. (1,160 words)

The Roswell Thesis - A document outlines a plan by extraterrestrials to invade the Earth through a deceptive trick. (1,780 words)

Halloween Pastas:

One Bountiful Halloween - Before the sun sets on Halloween night, a lonely farmer gets a visit from a familiar face, claiming to be the Grim Reaper himself. (3,730 words)

Always Check the Candy - A Halloween candy, laden with ghost-story-like origins, causes the immediate deaths of its consumers. (1,380 words)

A Plastic, Halloween Skeleton - Memories of an unforgettable Halloween night shed light on a seemingly unimportant Halloween decoration. (1,330 words)

Christmas Pastas:

Hark! Angels in Pinewood Park - On the Eve of Christmas, Detective Schultz, senior investigator for the North Hill Police, meets a woman who, along with eye witnesses, claims her daughter was abducted by angels. (6,440 words)

Comet - A 1985 sighting, thought to be Halley's Comet, of a celestial body proves to be the strangest of discoveries. (920 words)

Valentine's Day (Love) Pastas:

The Cupid Club - An awkward and hopeless romantic tries his hand at speed dating, at which he's proposed a solution to his ill-informed dating habits. Welcome, Justin, to The Cupid Club... (5,230 words)

Lover from Wet, Fever Dreams - Perhaps being lonely isn't so horrific... (820 words)

St. Patrick's Day Pastas:

How to Trap a Leprechaun - Ever wondered if there's gold at the end of the rainbow or tiny green Irishmen that cobble shoes? This set of instructions details how to trap a real, live Leprechaun. (1,690 words)

MORE stories to come...

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