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Welcome to MakRalston's official author page!

Being a horror lover and Creepypasta reader for years, I decided it was time to ride the saddle, if you will...write some of my own macabre stories from the dark recesses of my mind.

From the mind of yours truly, you'll find some disturbing be warned. Enjoy!

Long Pastas:

Hark! Angels in Pinewood Park - On the Eve of Christmas, Detective Schultz, senior investigator for the North Hill Police, meets a woman who, along with eye witnesses, claims her daughter was abducted by angels.

Taboo - An employee at an Adult Superstore discovers an "adult" tape that leads him to a Honeymooner's hotel located on a private island.

The Sandman's Pillow - A series of phone calls leads a woman to believe her husband was killed by his pillow.

Short Pastas:

Dry Mouths - Funeral parlors often house secrets...or sometimes answers...

Humans Can Fly - Learn the technique of flight...with only one major drawback...

The Masks We Wear - Everyone wears a mask...some more figurative than others.

Route 963 - A mysterious road exit offers no such relief.

This Is My Body - A traveling visitor joins a church congregation for a very special Sunday service.

A Letter from Your Prodigal Father - A father, in a world quite unlike his son's, offers hope to his kin.

Lover from Wet, Fever Dreams - Perhaps being lonely isn't so horrific...

Ingredieris Possidendam Ritual - A dusty-old book in the basement of a college houses the knowledge for unregulated power.

Historical Pastas:

Grayscale - The United Nations receives a proposition to end racism and culture-driven violence; a proposition that would alter society forever.

The Roswell Thesis - A document outlines a plan by extraterrestrials to invade the Earth through a deceptive trick.

Comet - A 1985 sighting, thought to be Halley's Comet, of a celestial body proves to be the strangest of discoveries.

Halloween Pastas:

One Bountiful Halloween - Before the sun sets on Halloween night, a lonely farmer gets a visit from a familiar face, claiming to be the Grim Reaper himself.

Always Check the Candy - A Halloween candy, laden with ghost-story-like origins, causes the immedient deaths of its consumers.

A Plastic, Halloween Skeleton - Memories of an unforgettable Halloween night shed light on a seemingly unimportant Halloween decoration.

MORE stories to come...