Give me a pasta and I'll tell you if its creepy or not. Make me actually think, kids, don't keep me waiting.

What makes me a good pasta?

  • Things that make me think.
  • Slow-but-steady stuff.
  • Paranoid legitimate mind-slapper stuff that keeps me on edge.

What makes me a bad pasta?

  • Any pasta that has to rely on Bloody Gore McDeathDeath and his good friends Sweary Sailor and the Rape Ape. Stop ruining good shit with that, its what ruined Tarnished Gold for me.
  • Hyper-realism. Honestly when you try to make it scary with that, Kirby's Fun Pak is more realistic than your pasta will ever be.
  • Lavender Town. Leave it alone, its getting old. Everytime I see that town's name I hear the theme but instead of the chiptune I hear some guy banging on a table whilst grunting the theme in a sarcastic way.

dead to rights

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