aka Aidan, Born: Yes

  • I live in Behind the Walls duh
  • My occupation is Musician (and full-time Deftones fan!), Artist, Writer
  • I am Waiting for the worms
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Now Playing: Thou - Grissecon

Hello... Go away.

So you're braver then I thought. If I bore you... oh well.

Articles I've Written:

No Gifts This Year, Play Something, Room 101, Songbirds, Sentiments, Shadow of Pestilence, Sodomy of Innocence, Dark Woods: The Elmridge Grasp, Can't Stop Death, Don't Stop Running, The Strain's Hold, Eyes, Karma, Stranger than Fiction, Fables, Heartbeat, Footfalls, The Saratoga Mariner, Dazzling Skies
and my newest addition:

Forcing Sleep

I guarantee that you will not look at all of those photos and NOT bust out laughing at at least one of them >>

My Art

  • When All That's Left is Light
  • A Close-Up #1
  • A Close-Up #2
  • REvolution
  • The Back of Biology
  • Say Goodbye
  • Nothing much... more of a doodle that I threw together in about 20 mins. than an actual piece of "art". Voodoo rlz.
  • Another, more cartoon-y drawing/doodle. Everyone, say hello to Alma.
  • Zalgozilla in Chat
  • Just a little something something

It's right over yonder >>>>>>> {C I'm going to upload moar and moar art... as I work on it :))))))) Some of my artistic influences mainly come from Beksinski and Damien Hirst, along with Dali, Munch, Aivazovski, van Gogh, Monet, et cetera et cetera.

Mah Music

Yes that's right... I'm a writer, artist, AND musician. Joy to the world. Right now I'm working on a piece for my high school band directly inspired by Mussorgsky's/Korsakov's "Night on Bald Mountain".

I play saxophone (jazz... whoot *applies thick-rimmed glasses*), flute, and I'm teaching myself clarinet, trumpet, and piano.

Song of the Day: Escondito by Bennie Maupin Quartet *confetti*

My Saxophone Wishlist

  • Sax Dakota XG Type
  • Selmer Paris Mk VI
  • P. Mauriat PMXT - 66R FL
  • P. Mauriat Le Bravo

The Four Truths of Heavy Metal

  1. Budgie invented it
  2. Black Sabbath gave it its identity
  3. Deep Purple refined everything about it
  4. Led Zeppelin made it mainstream

Reminders to Self

Talk to staff about burn notices on certain usernames for immediate blockage when they attempt to enter chat. Big Ol' To-Do List

Mountain of Work 0612

To Do List 0712

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Contact Me

If you want to tell me: how much you hate me, how fucking awesome I am, or how you plan on killing me... contact me at


I don't take shit from anyone. If you feel like trying me go right ahead. You will end up outdone.

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