aka MrAssassin

  • I was born on April 3

Hello my name is MrAssassin (name not mentioned for safety reasons).

I am a very known and loyal person to be around, but i am known by many to come from a place called 4-chan, a horrible place full of creatures called Trolls. That however was when i was younger. I believe i have changed my ways and is now a full pledged Non-Troller. Although many times people will say i'm trolling that would be either by accident or them not knowing the true meaning of trolling.

I write movies, make them with some people and voice most of them, my latest version of a movie has been told in one of my creepypasta's called the The Unfound Story-Solanum Vile. It is not near the middle of the movie but movies do take time to make. For more info about my movies visit my blog. or my website

MrAssassin's Favourites

Well i like alot of things one of them is creepypasta, if i didn't i wouldn't be here. also i'm a student of a school but old enough to take care of myself, and since i'm still a student i still play games and enjoy them very much, like minecraft classic, halo, assassins creed and i love my xbox more than anything else.

although i love my games and play them all the time, I would have to say i love my Movies best. I started to try making movies when i was about 12 and did a perfect job at it, since then i have been working my way up from the steps of writing them shooting and acting in them. I am still thankful for the movie studio that gave me inspiration in making movies that movie studio is named BlueSky Studios. The creators of ice age, hortan hears a who, a few shorts and my personal favourite rio the movie.

I was never good at animated films and still have problems with them but i'm not a quiter and will do anything to finis my goals.

(The Messenger) 04:28, August 7, 2011 (UTC)
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