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" I declare a holiday, fall asleep, drift away..."

What can I say? I'm a long-time lurker.

Not behind the wall, or anything like that, just on this site. I finally felt that it was unfair of me to read and enjoy all the wonderful stories posted here without providing any feedback or anything, so here I... am.

Want to adapt one of my stories?

I'm enormously flattered to have received so many messages asking for permission to use my work in plays, short films and podcasts! Seriously - there's no better way to cheer up a writer than to make him feel his work is appreciated.

If you're seeking permission to use my stories in such a way, leave a message on my Facebook page . I'll generally be a-okay with whatever you want to do, but please let me know what's up, and give credit where credit's due! Seriously though - you guys are all lovely!

My own submissions

  • Actors - A message from a friend.
  • Chicken Bones - A former teacher recounts the day his entire class vanished into the fog, and a small town was changed forever.
  • Cold Water - I don't drink so much coffee any more...
  • Digital Immortality - [Update: Jan 2015 - No confirmed sighting of Dr. Khaimov in several months].
  • Knocking - Hey, you. Yeah, you. Let me in. Open this door, or I'll gut you like a fish.
  • The Loch - A very long time ago, something terrible came to call Loch Raan home...
  • The Other Internet - Something from another place entirely is bleeding-into our world.
  • Roots - A decaying student house, an ersatz landlord and something ungodly on the wind.
  • Skype - Students are disappearing at a University during fire-drills. A tired, hungover freshman stumbles across the truth.
  • A Slender Knight - Want to know more about the origins of the Slenderman? Why, step into my museum...
  • War Stories - There was a reason my grandfather never talked about 'The War'.

My favorite spine-tinglers

  • Jvk1166z.esp - I love Morrowind. As a young teen, that game blew my mind. My best friend and I would spend entire days modding it. A vaguely apocalyptic pasta set in a strange, corrupted Morrowind mod hits pretty close to home (and that's without even mentioning how well-written it is).
  • Dogscape - The most bizzare horror story I think I've ever read, it nonetheless carries a strong atmosphere, and a weird sense of 'otherness' with it. Definitely give it a read if you've the time (but bear in mind that it's pretty long).
  • The Girl in the Photograph - Short, to-the-point, and had me sitting back and muttering "damn" to myself at the ending. An interesting concept with a satisfying twist.
  • The Holders - Technically a series, rather than a single pasta, it is nonetheless, an intriguing, broad narrative which one may dip into and out-of at any time, and still not miss anything.
  • Huntsville Camping Trip - A pasta which attempts to subvert a lot of cliche. Scary stuff happens, characters run the fuck away. Y'know, just like you and I would. Still, it manages to deliver plenty of scares, an atmosphere of horror and a real kick-in-the-teeth ending.
  • Faulty Wiring - A lot of creepypastas somehow forget the "creepy" part, and devolve into simple, B-Movie-style slasher stories. Not so with Faulty Wiring. Here's a pasta that comes with a twist that is precisely the right measure of 'creepy' and 'cliffhanger'.
  • The Machine - Perfectly-paced, and highly original. This is the sort of standard any writer of horror fiction should be aiming for. It's one of those stories that reminds us that we are the real monsters, in society.
  • Valkyrie - War-Pastas are a particular passion of mine. Listen to the sultry tones of Mr. CreepyPasta as he narrates a story about a novelist's search for the truth about the final relic of Hitler's legacy - a ghost train.

Readings and adaptations of my writing

"Cold Water":

"Digital Immortality":


"Chicken Bones":

"The Other Internet"/"The Network":


"A Slender Knight":

"War Stories":