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  • I was born on August 2
  • I am Female
Thanks to RuckusQuantum for this beautiful artwork of my username. I couldn't have done a better job if you paid me, and if I had 40+ years of Photoshop knowledge. Thanks so much :)


My name is Natalo and I love writing creepy stories to read to others. Some day I hope to eventually make movies about my stories and other Creepypastas too! More importantly I love getting scared so keep those scary stories coming! I'm not sure what it is, but the feeling of being scared is so much more powerful than any other feeling. Those who can create fear with their writing are extremely talented; it is so much harder to create fear!

I love all things horror, even though I'm only 16! I'd love to become a great writer, and this wiki has helped me so much to get all of the ideas swimming around in my mind out and into the open! Even if they're not the best stories you've ever read, (they're likely not to be!), as long as you like them and enjoy reading them, I'm over-the-moon!

I'd love to be a filmmaker when I grow up, and create movies about the stories I've read on this very wiki! That is my ultimate dream.

Stories I have written:

"Rats" - The rats in the roof of a young girl's house are bothering her at night. Her dad decides to take care of them once and for all...

Demeyes - A story about the most notorious serial killer of all time, 'Demeyes'. After finally getting caught, where is the one place he will never be able to escape?..

Noises from Downstairs - A classic story with a twist

Chat Room D - After two sisters separate into different rooms in the house they begin talking through the Pictochat feature on their Nintendo DS's, until a mysterious user joins them...

Nothing Turns Out the Way You Plan - Freestyle Finalist. Received 9/10 and was nominated for POTM.

Rora - Freestyle finals entry. Runner up in the 'Fairytale' category with a score of 75/100.

They Really Were the Perfect Family - Sarah wakes up in the morning to a delicious breakfast of waffles and ice-cream, just like every other day. And also, like every other day, she is coming...

I Went Into The Woods Today - My first poem on this wiki. Please leave a comment and tell me what you think!

Angel of Light - A story for CrazyWord's writing competition. The subject was cancer. Received 7/10.

The Akh - A story for The Koromo's Mythology writing competition. The subject was Egyptian Mythology.

Abortion and Contraception Clinic - A story for the finals of CrazyWord's writing competition. The subject was: A Haunted Abortion Clinic. Nominated for POTM July 2015.

Riddle Me This - A story for CrazyWord's Fairytale wiriting competition. Based on the Fairytale: The Riddle.

Pandora's Box: Sine - Entry into Banningk1979's demon/devil writing contest.

I Still Exist - Entry into Koromo's Song Competition: inspired by Joy Division's 'Atrocity Exhibition'.

My Favorite Pages:


Little Talk

I'm Worried About My Son

The Russian Sleep Experiment

Psychosis - this one has to be my all time favourite!

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