• I live in better circumstances than you
  • I was born on February 28
  • My occupation is making more money than you
  • I am having more sex than you


Solstafir - Necrologue

Esteja alerta para as regras dos três. O que você dá, retornará para você. Essa lição, você tem que aprender. Você só ganha o que você merece.

You are a slave. Want emancipation?

About Me

I am a human. I have a dick.

My Favorite Pages


The Black Dog and Goat (deleted for obscene content -- it's that badass)

The Conclusion

The Physics of Hell


My Pastas

  • Spiral into Insanity - The beginning of what would be a lifelong commitment; too bad it's the length of a severed dick. Five years ago, right? .-.
  • The Ultimate Problem Solver - I had it on here, but it was deleted due to a rape scene. I'm not satisfied with it either way, so I'm thinking of rewriting it. ;p
  • Unny's Poetry Collection - Title says it all. You're not gonna find it, because I moved all my poems to separate pages. They are:

(The last two I'm still touching-up; they'll definitely be published in the week.)

  • It's a Wonderful Life - A masochist seeks to prove the doctrine of reincarnation. This is probably my best story on this site.
  • The World Belongs to Him - Set on a lonely farmhouse, a young boy chronicles his life as his father's sanity slowly dwindles.


  • The Evil Fan - This saw the light of day when a person requested it. My first troll pasta, which is sad because I wrote this months after my arrival. Despicable, really; you'd think I would've wrote "Jeff's Period Blood" years ago. ._.
  • Tizzy Tits - To commemorate the infamous existence of Krule.
  • Shattered Blue - Another fucking troll pasta? ._.
  • Anthropophagous: The Life-Fucking, Dr. Pepper-Chugging Truth about Cheasl - Yes. This actually happened. This stomach-churning PM happened. With Cheasl's corrupted memory (and body ;D) and my rapist wit, the dream of having a pasta commemorating The Day of the Fucking has been realized. Yay. ._.

Unpublished Stories

Just in case you were curious.

  • Necrosanity - A man desperately attempts to rid himself of his addiction to necrophilia, believing it's a sin after a change of faith. He fails. :D
  • Day of the Hunt - A woman and her three children are stalked by a murderous necrophiliac who decided to pick them up after their car broke down in a desolate forest.
  • Armour - Shortly after moving into an apartment together, an incestuous couple is tormented by their dead parents, whose undying wish to separate them preserve their malevolent spirits alive.
  • An American Psychopath's Dream - A man's dream to succeed in the film business clashes with a father's sexual desires. A conniving scheme to direct the ultimate snuff film unravels itself beyond the sight of the father's daughter.
  • The Murder of Sarah Kingsley - A woman is stalked by a struggling writer who believes if he kills people in the same fashion he does in his books, he would have a brush of inspiration and begin his career anew.

Scrapped Stories

  • With a Smile on His Face - An invisible Lovecraftian entity disrupts the sun's gravitational force in an act of hatred for mankind, sending earth and the rest of the solar system drifting off into space. The pasta chronicles humanity's last days before it finally dies off, and then ends when earth is destroyed by a supernova six months before it would have wandered into another solar system to begin life anew.

Mind you, I'm trying to keep all this as spoiler-free as possible, for fuck's sake. ._.

The Eastern Kingdom of Mikado Assland

Looks like Flynn went full on chaos this time with SMT IV. A collection of pastas 'bout me. .-.

Let's shoot for Unsane 5 (UNNY. IN. SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE), I guess. This could become the next fucking Final Destination. ._.

You really expect me to finish this fantastic tableau of a profile with some grand fucking finale? You're gravely mistaken.

... Fine, you cozened cunts. ._.

"Neo Exdeath - for all your hero-slaying needs. ;D"

Simple-minded fools such as yourselves could never hope to understand my motives.

Time for your viscera to see the light of day! Now DIE!

NOOO! WHY!?, The Void was mine to command!, How could it- Uwaaah!!!

I am Neo-Exdeath, all memories...dimensions...existence, all that shall be turned to nothing, then I too can disappear, for eternity!!!



As if they actually effect my rep as a user, haha.

Only really started giving fucks because of my renewed interest in the wiki (solely out of boredom/lack of decent reading material). Suppose I'll leave my "userstats" here, as well. .-.

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01:19, June 7, 2013 (UTC) is the specified date in which I myself reached a cumulative 1,000 edits (mainspace and otherwise), with the inclusion of my edit of Thank You for Your Cooperation. Woot.

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